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Natural Whey Proteins, Supplements

Whey protein is a high quality, pure and natural form of protein derived from cow’s milk. It is an excellent source of essential amino acids which are required by the body on a daily basis. Whey proteins can be easily digested and absorbed by the body. Whey protein isolate or the purest form of whey protein contains almost negligible amount of cholesterol, fat and lactose. Whey proteins can be consumed by any person.

They offer many health and nutritional benefits such as a strong immune system, weight management, sport nutrition, bone health and general health. However it would be wise to consult a health care specialist to derive your daily protein needs and requirement of whey proteins.

How many cups of whey water" (the water separated from the curds in milk) would I have to drink to balance 40 grams of protein?

Whey proteins are derived from milk. Milk contains around 87% water and 13% solids. From 13% of milk solids; lactose or carbohydrates forms 37%, total fats form 30%, total proteins form 27% and minerals or ashes form 6%. Out of 27% proteins 80% is casein and remain 20% is whey protein. This proves that milk contains only about 1% whey protein. So to equal 40 g of proteins with whey proteins you will need to drink many liters of milk or whey water in a day which is not possible. If you are interested in replacing your proteins with whey proteins then concentrated whey protein powder (whey protein isolate) is often a good idea. Before starting or buying any supplements of whey proteins learn the difference between whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is a concentrated and pure form of whey protein and contains almost 90% of protein and negligible amount of fat, cholesterol and lactose. Whey protein concentrates on the other hand have proteins anywhere between 29-89% depending on the product you choose. Also where the protein level is low, generally the amount of fat and lactose level in whey protein concentrates increases. Proteins are needed by the body to repair body cells, synthesize hormones and enzymes, provide energy, build and repair muscles and bones, and vital to other body metabolism processes. Protein requirement of a person shall vary according to the intake of calories, height weight, body frame activity level and overall health. Some group of people like athletes and people with special medical needs (for example, burns patients) may need more proteins. Whey protein isolate may also help you to lose weight in a healthy manner when taken along with a balanced low-fat diet and increased physical activity. Also read how to make whey protein

Remember these dietary and lifestyle tips are for a healthy man. If you are suffering from any heart diseases, diabetes, back problem or any other illness then consult a specialist before changing your diet or modifying your lifestyle.

Whey Proteins for Bodybuilding

Whey protein is a byproduct that arises out of the production of cheese. When milk is converted to cheese, the process leads to the release of whey protein. It has become extremely common for people to use whey proteins for bodybuilding. There are several reasons why people use whey proteins for exercise. One of the most important reasons why people use whey proteins for bodybuilding is the fact that the body tends to digest whey proteins very effectively. This means that the resulting benefit that the individual seeks is far easier to come by. In most cases, speed of growth is one of the important factors for the individual with it comes to the gains in muscle mass that he or she desires. The most important reason why whey proteins are so popular and recommended is the immediacy with which they can be introduced into the blood stream. Whey proteins are consumed in drink form. This makes it extremely easy for the body to process. In this sense, there is no other type of protein, either through supplements or through food that can provide the muscles with protein during the critical period immediately after exercise. That being said, it is important that people weigh the various pros and cons of consuming whey proteins for bodybuilding. See fruits for bodybuilding

When using whey proteins for bodybuilding, one will need to supplement it with a healthy, balanced diet. Most people make this critical mistake which leads them to a situation where their body building is not as effective as they would like. Furthermore, body building without the adequate vitamin and mineral backup will lead to a situation where the individual suffers from some form of vitamin or mineral deficiency because the body is growing without an increase in nutrition apart from protein. This is one of the shortcomings of whey protein, particularly of the way in which it is advertised and marketed. There is no substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. Such a diet must be full of fruits, vegetables and must cover all the important food groups. When this is achieved, the individual has the best possible chance of being healthy and fit. The use of whey proteins for bodybuilding applies to a situation where the individual is already healthy and already has a diet that contains a good balance of nutrition. When this is the case, the person can begin bodybuilding and can supplement this diet with whey proteins for bodybuilding. One must also ensure that the quantity of food consumed increases slightly to feed to increasing body mass of the individual. One may use whey proteins for fitness and figure as well. In such a case, the quantity of protein will be reduced with it being used only to build toned muscles.

Whey Protein Drinks

Whey protein drinks are available in most department stores. These whey proteins drinks are either available in powder form or in pre-mixed drink form. The benefit of whey protein drinks is the fact that the body can easily digest these proteins. When this happens, the availability of proteins in the blood stream will increase. This is something that is highly beneficial to people who are practicing exercise. Exercise is used for weight loss as well as for body building. One cannot use whey protein drinks for weight loss. Instead, one must use whey protein drinks for tissue development. The amount of muscle bulge desired by the individual depends entirely on the person. Each brand of whey protein has a recommended intake. Based on the exercise being practiced, the individual can either increase or decrease this quantity. Whey protein drinks should be consumed immediately after exercise to ensure that the body has plenty of protein available for muscle development. This must be done after cool down exercises have been completed to ensure that the body is resting in terms of heart rate and breathing.
Submitted on January 16, 2014