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Bagel Calories

A bagel is a type of bread that is shaped like a ring. The yeasted wheat dough is first boiled in water for a short period of time. It is then baked to create a chewy bread product which is doughy inside and crisp on the outside. Bagels are usually topped with seeds that are baked into the exterior crust. Traditional bagel toppings include sesame or poppy seeds.

Some bagels are also sprinkled with salt. Instead of wheat dough, whole grain or rye may also be used.  This round bread is a well-known delicacy around the world. The taste of fresh warm bagels is hard to resist for many people. But eating a bagel means packing in some bagel calories too.  These calories are contained in the bagel only and spreading some cream cheese or butter on top means extra calories. Some diet-conscious people prefer eating their bagels with low-fat cottage cheese. Some restrict it to just a salad on the side. This helps to keep the calorie intake from increasing further. The difference of calories between a regular bagel and a toasted bagel is very slight. When a bagel is toasted, the water evaporates from it.  If you can’t do without bagels, it is advisable to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced diet. One can also keep those bagel calories low by opting for low calories options

People on a weight loss diet may often wonder if they have surpassed their daily calorie intake when they consume a bagel. Therefore being aware of the calorie content in different types of bagels is helpful. Here is some information on how many calories are present in different varieties of bagels. Bagels come in different shapes and size. The type of toppings also differs. Let us take a look at the various types of bagels and identify how many calories are present each.  In a plain no-frills bagel without any kind of topping, you will be taking in about 254 calories.

This is for an average 100 gram bagel.  Here are details of the calorie content in other types of bagels.

  • Bagel with cream cheese calories: Bagels with cream cheese are very popular. In a bagel with cream cheese calories you consume are rather high. There are 500 calories in one such bagel and hence weight watchers are advised to stay away from them. 
  • Whole wheat bagel calories: Most people consider these to be a healthier option. But the number of calories in each such bagel is 250.
  • Asiago cheese bagel calories: Asiago is a type of cheese that is available in different textures. It is a popular addition to a bagel. The number of calories in these bagels is 361.
  • Whole grain bagel calories: Depending on the ingredients and size of the bagel, a whole wheat bagel may have anywhere between 200 to 400 calories.
  • Bagel with Peanut Butter calories: Even these seemingly healthy bagels will add between 400 to 500 calories to your calorie consumption.

Some of the healthier types of bagels are light cream cheese, no sugar jam and almond spread. Some bagels are actually a combination of three to four bagels. Hence you need to be careful about the size of the bagel. However the calories from bagels are carbohydrate based. Breads and even bagels are high in carbohydrates. This makes all types of bagels a high calorie food and hence those on a diet may do well to avoid them completely. If you do eat a bagel, you need to ensure that exercise is regular. Also if you decide to buy a bagel, make sure your read the labels properly so that you can keep a tab on those bagel calories.

Submitted on January 16, 2014