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Foods That Fight Cancer

There are various foods that fight cancer. One can always go to a website or to a dietician to obtain help and advice on knowing which cancer fighting foods and drinks are recommended. Some of the main cancer fighting diets that are recommended by most specialists and dieticians will include certain foods that are well known for their cancer-fighting abilities. The main foods that one can start off with include oily fish. Oily fish is found to contain plenty of vitamin A which is essential in fighting against any kind of cancer.
There have been plenty of studies and researches carried out that substantiate this theory. Oily fish like salmon, herring, mackerel top the list of oily fish that are vital as part of any cancer patient’s diet regime. Thus some of the main cancer fighting diets includes eating fish foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids and are said to be anti carcinogenic. However, one needs to eat plenty of this fish almost a kilo of fish to obtain even 1000 mgs of these acids. Hence it is recommended that one add cod liver oil supplements to one’s diet. Fish oil is also found to provide a person with the Vitamin D that is essential in fighting cancer. It is important to check for the mercury levels of fish in an area as the fish in certain areas are known to contain high levels of mercury which is a known toxin. Some other foods that fight cancer include carrots, peppers, apricots and pumpkins. These vegetables help in providing one with cancer carotenoids like beta carotene.  The health benefits of apricots include reduction of cancer to some extent as apricot is rich in beta-carotene and have some antioxidant qualities.

When the human body digests beta carotene, it converts it into vitamin A which is needed by the human body. A very good recipe to help in fighting cancer includes lightly steaming 2 sweet potatoes, a cup of carrot, about 16 to 18 dried apricots and about 3 to 4 cups of fresh red cherries to help in providing oneself with at least 25 mgs of this cancer-fighting nutrient. These food items should not be eaten all at once. One can make a great cancer-fighting juice with some of these ingredients. Apples are found to contain a substance called as quercitin and beet root is found to contain anthocyanins. This is defined as a great cancer fighting drink and can be added to one’s diet on a regular basis.  Another great food that helps in fighting cancer is red peppers. This is considered to be one of the main cancer fighting foods and is a great source of Vitamin C. These Vitamin C foods help in strengthening one’s immune cells and also help in neutralizing the toxins in the patient’s body. Broccoli and papaya are also considered to be great cancer fighting foods. Sunflower seeds are found to be high in vitamin E and also in zinc. Vitamin C aids zinc absorption and functioning in the body and also in increasing the healing time. Oysters and milk are also very useful in fighting against cancers. Studies have even found pumpkin seeds to be among the main cancer-fighting foods. One can add sunflower seeds to their main meal in the morning along with a bowl of cereal to help in obtaining the required amounts of vitamin E. These are considered to be one of the great inhibitors of cancer. Green vegetables and almonds are also a great way to beat the cancer cells. Brazil nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes are fantastic cancer fighting foods. Even eating just 6 to 7 Brazil nuts is very useful in a cancer fighting diet. Egg yolk can also be consumed along with broccoli and brussel sprouts. These are very high in fiber and a variety of vitamins. They help in modifying and also diminishing the estrogen action and thus fighting against cancers like prostrate, breast, and brain cancer. One should also get plenty of exercise and reduce stress levels.


Submitted on January 19, 2011