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Snacks That Keep Weight Off

Snacks that are high in fiber, satisfy your hunger and keep your weight off without raising your blood sugar and insulin levels are raw vegetables and fruits, soups with lots of vegetables, 100% vegetable juices, bread and cereals, nuts and dried fruits, popcorn and whole-grained crackers. When these high fiber gets mixed with water it takes longer to digest and your appetite is satisfied.

Several companies have come up with travel-type containers for soups (that can be consumed without being heated) and vegetable juices that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies travel packs are loaded with Vitamin B, iron, potassium, magnesium and folic acid. Dried fruits like apricots, figs and prunes are also great snacks.

To boost energy levels and to keep weight off, combine high fiber snacks with lean protein. Try peanut butter with bread, pita or whole-wheat crackers.
For a delicious fiber-protein snack, add instant oatmeal or wheat germ to low fat yogurt or cottage cheese, even a slice of low fat cheese can be had with English muffin or whole wheat bread.

The digestion and absorption of a high-fiber and protein combination diet takes place at a slower rate, due to which, less calories are consumed. Protein causes a very gradual rise in blood sugar and moderate rise in insulin levels. Therefore addition of lean protein to high fiber snack ensures that you are hunger-free till next meal.

A one-ounce of nuts either alone or combined with a small box of raisins, boosts your energy levels and satisfies your hunger for a longer time. Almonds and walnuts in particular prevent heart disease.

Popcorn is low calorie, high fiber, low fat snack. Fruit slices, raisins and peanuts can be added to popcorn. Popcorns can even be baked with raisins, fruit, peanut butter, Parmesan cheese and garlic. Even high-fiber, dry whole-grain cereal to which dried fruits are added make nutritious snack and can be carried anywhere.

Submitted on February 24, 2009