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Asthma Facts And Diet For Asthma Patients

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease of the lungs which narrows and inflames the airways. The airways are pipes or tracts through which air enters and leaves the lungs. When a person is inflicted with asthma, the airways become inflamed. These swollen airways are very sensitive, and react strongly with any particles that enter into the lungs. These sensitive airways further cause the muscles to tighten, as a defensive measure to safeguard the body.
The tightened muscles narrow the airways and less air passes through them. This makes it very difficult for the person to breathe.
Some common symptoms of the disease include difficulty in breathing, cough, chest tightness and a continual whistling sound as you breathe. Coughing normally starts in the morning hours or during the night.  Asthma normally affects adolescents, though it may occur at any age.

Causes of Asthma: Asthma may be caused due to different factors. It may occur as a reaction to weather, perfume, drugs or any other irritant.

General Treatment for Asthma: Though there is no permanent cure for the disease, asthma can be controlled by following methods:

  • Patients of asthma should live in a clean, healthy environment
  • Pets with furs/feathers can provoke your symptoms, and should be avoided
  • The covers for mattress and pillows should be dust-proof
  • Use of air-conditioner can provide a lot of relief to asthma patients
  • Humidity in the house should be kept low

Diet Tips For Asthma Patients

Asthma patients are advised to consume a diet that is low in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and whole grains should be increased. Figs help in reducing asthma symptoms. They provide relief to the patients of asthma by getting rid of the phlegm.

Lemon is also very effective in providing recovery from asthma. Inhaling the odor of a honey jar is another good natural remedy which can help the patients in breathing easily.

Roots of bitter gourd have been used for treating asthma since very old times. Consuming honey and fenugreek decoction with ginger juice will also help in draining off the phlegm.

Other beneficial food items include bishop’s weed, safflower and garlic.  Asthma patients should avoid excess use of alcohol, coffee and tea. Foods such as rice and yogurt should be avoided as they give phlegm.
Many breathing exercises such as yoga Pranayama also provide relief for asthma. Patients may also fast once or twice in a week to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Submitted on March 12, 2009