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blood pressure

  • Weight Loss with Blood Type Diet
    Blood Type Diet: What are the benefits of Blood Type Diet?[...]

  • Healthy Heart Diet Plan | Fish Oil, Juice for Heart Disease Prevention
    Salt for heart patients is considered to be harmful, and a reduction of salt intake can have a dramatic impact on reducing the risk of heart disease.[...]

  • Low Blood Sugar Symptoms | Low Blood Sugar Causes & Treatment
    Low blood sugar is technically known as hypoglycemia.It is a condition where the amount of glucose in the blood is lower than normal. Glucose is used in the body as a source of energy.[...]

  • Food For Heart Attack Patient | Recipes For Heart Patients | Healthy Food Chart
    Diet for heart patients - A typical meal plan for heart patients stresses on fresh fruits and vegetables.The food recipes for heart patients should also ideally consist of foods and cooking methods that are healthy.[...]

  • Managing Blood Pressure At Your Finger Tips
    Tips For Managing Blood Pressure High blood pressure also known as hypertension do not exhibit any symptoms, thus it is many times referred as a Ďsilent killerí. Hypertension simply means that your heart is exerting extra pressure to pump the blood throughout the body. This extra pressure and work can[...]

  • Health Advice Epilepsy
    Epilepsy health advice: Is disorder in blood circulation and pain in fingers and hand is related to epilepsy disorder?[...]

  • Obesity in Teenagers | Genetic Causes of Obesity | Exercises for Obesity
    Itís true that genetics play a major role in our bodyís development. You may be born with an obesity gene, but research has proven that you can negate its effect by regular exercise. Improving your food habits and exercise is the key to preventing long te[...]

  • Almond Oil Benefits And Foods For High Blood Pressure
    Almond Oil Uses And Herbs For High Blood Pressure Is almond seed good for people with high blood pressure? Almonds are healthy as an addition to not just a heart patientís diet, but to any diet. They are particularly beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension. Almonds are an excellent[...]

  • Health And Cycling And Hypertention Causes
    Cycling And Symptoms Of Hypertension Can everyday cycling may be one of the causes of hypertension? On the contrary, cycling is one of the exercises that help to lower high blood pressure. In order to treat hypertension certain lifestyle changes with healthy diet and drug therapy prove to be beneficial[...]

  • Diet Recipes for Healthy Living
    Diet Recipes: I need help in knowing all about Diet recipes. What are the best diet recipes out there? Please provide information on the types of diet recipes available.[...]

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