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  • How Much Caffeine Should You Have Everyday
    Caffeine AddictionCaffeine is one of the most commonly consumed and cherished beverages the world over and plays a vital role in the daily schedule of a number of individuals. You will notice a number of people making it a point to have their morning cup of coffee, one of the[...]

  • Negative Effects Of Caffeine | Short & Long Term Risks, Dangers Of Caffeine
    Effects Of CaffeineDue to a fast paced lifestyle, most people often skip a healthy breakfast and prefer to grab a quick cup of coffee on the way to work. With the easy availability of caffeinated products, more and more people are falling prey to caffeine addiction. While there are many[...]

  • Health Benefit of Green Tea | Benefits of Drinking Green Tea | Green Tea Facts
    There are many benefits of drinking green tea. However, one of the biggest health benefit of green tea is that it helps in prevention of esophageal cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and reduces risk of thrombosis.[...]

  • Coffee Adverse Risks On Health | Bad Effects Of Coffee On The Body
    Overdose of coffee can cause itís harmful ingredients to result in sleep deprivation, high cholesterol levels, anxiety, tremors, rapid pulse, diarrhea, nausea, and kidney stones.[...]

  • Weight Loss for Men Diet Pills | Best Weight Loss Pills For Men
    What is the best weight loss pill for you and how do you choose the best weight loss pill on the market?Basically, diet pills are generally either appetite suppressants or they contain fat absorption inhibitors.[...]

  • Question on diet for gastric
    Get information on food to eat for gastric reflux on our site.[...]

  • Benefits of Drinking Coffee and Diet for Fatigue
    Fatigue can broadly be defined as mental or physical exhaustion. It is considered a negative force, and under severe conditions can be completely debilitating. Fatigue leads to a feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. Fatigue may have varied causes, but simply changing your diet and eating right may be[...]

  • Side Effects and Health Benefits of Black Tea
    Black Tea benefits and side effectsThe leaves of camellia sinensis – a perennial evergreen shrub are allowed to dry and oxidize and black tea is made out of these dried leaves. Tea has a long history and served as a part of various ceremonies. Many people use tea to stay[...]

  • Foods to Avoid If You are Having Insomnia
    The food we eat affects our bodies in a number of ways. There are some foods which negatively influence our sleep cycles, while there are some that have a sleep-inducing effect.Caffeine is a stimulant which affects different people in different ways. The effect of caffeine depends on the[...]

  • ADHD Diet And Diet Tips
    What is the suggested diet for ADHD for complete recovery[...]

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