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  • Lactose Intolerance In Infants - Alternatives, Tests, Diagnosis And Effects On Health
    Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance are- abdominal bloating, abdominal cramps, floating stools etc.[...]

  • Banana Carbohydrates | Health Benefits Of Bananas | Banana Carbohydrate Count
    Banana carbohydrates are often recommended to people who are slim and would like to gain healthy weight or build muscle mass.the fruit is also replete with calories and may help to fulfill some of your daily calorie needs.[...]

  • Health Benefits Chart for Different Types of Vitamins
    Vitamin ChartVitamin charts and what they do. A vitamin chart helps to outline the dosage and benefits of each vitamin, providing a detailed list of sources of different kinds of vitamins. An extensive vitamin chart will also provide you with dosage instructions for different vitamins on a per day basis[...]

  • Health Benefits of Fermented Fruits and Vegetables
    Fermenting Fruits And Vegetables : Examples Of Fermented Fruits And Vegetables Origin: Fermenting fruits and vegetables is an ancient tradition, which has been prevalent for centuries. It is probably the oldest forms of preserving food, long before refrigeration became an option. Wine, bread and cheese are the oldest examples of fermented[...]

  • What are the Health Benefits of Consuming Vitamin B
    Vitamin B Benefits Vitamin B benefits the system by a number of functions. It is a complex encompassing eight vitamins that are water soluble. They boost the immunity of the body and enhance the nervous system. The skin and muscles are kept healthy. Cell division and growth are also[...]

  • Sources and Benefits of Alfalfa and Apple Juice
    ALFALFAMedicago sativa This plant is also known as Lucerne or Bum clover. It is a sprout and has long roots. Traditionally alfalfa has been used to help humans and cattle gain weight. It is also reputed to aid in hair growth.  Alfalfa is an excellent source of Vitamin A[...]

  • Importance of Vegetables - Essential Vitamins and Minerals
    There many ways in which you could introduce vegetables into your diet. The importance of vegetables and fruits cannot be undermined when it comes to providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Vegetables provide the body with iron, folic acid and can be rich sources of Vitamin C, riboflavin[...]

  • Nutritional Facts, Calories and Health Benefits of Skim Milk
    Calories In Skim Milk Skim milk supplies many important nutrients to the body. Its nutritional value is considered to be equal to that of normal milk. Skim milk has a slightly different flavor than whole or dairy milk. Some manufacturers fortify skim milk with additional calcium, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition[...]

  • Functions and Importance of Drinking Water for Living Organisms
    Composed of oxygen and hydrogen, water is a substance essential to all life forms. The human body is made up of 70% water, about 2/3rd the weight of the human body.  The functioning of every cell and organ in the human anatomy and physiology depend upon one&rsquo[...]

  • Calories In Prunes
    Prunes are dried plums and are very popular with most people mainly due to their sweet flavor.  Very few people who enjoy eating prunes actually give thought to the number of calories in prunes. Prunes have a sticky texture, and provide its consumers with a number of nutritional and health[...]

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