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  • Figs - Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits
    Figs, Figs Nutrition And Health Benefits Of FigsWho doesn’t like to dip into a bowl of figs-and-cream or how about a fig bar or fig flavored cookies? Figs are great culinary ingredients and also taste great when munched raw. With a smooth skin, crunchy seeds and[...]

  • Healthy Dietary Tips for Fast Weight Loss
    Diet TipsTeenagers often make the mistake of going on fad diets for weight loss. This is due to peer pressure, low self esteem and so on. Unfortunately, such diets do not promote sustained weight loss and are unhealthy as well. Follow the diet tips for teenage girls that are given[...]

  • Facts, Health Benefits and Side Effects of Beeswax
    Beeswax Health BenefitsBeeswax refers to the natural wax produced by honeybees in their beehives. The honeybees produce this wax either to build their honeycombs or to repair it. Beeswax generally comes in colors like yellow, white, orange, brown, or red and the changing color depends on the age of the[...]

  • Vitamin C: Sources, Effects, Benefits and Therapeutic Properties
    Ascorbic Acid - Vitamin C Health Benefits - "The Antibiotic Vitamin”Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is readily soluble in water and is easily destroyed by alkaline medium, oxidation and storage. In the upper part of the small intestine, absorption of ascorbic acid into the blood stream takes place[...]

  • Information on Natural and Curative Properties of Drumsticks
    Drumsticks benefitsDrumsticks are common vegetables that are found in certain parts of Asia. This vegetable is highly valued, mainly for its antibacterial, medicinal and cleansing properties. In fact almost every part of the drumstick plant has some therapeutic value or the other. People are known to use the roots, bark[...]

  • Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Red, White and Blooming Onions
    Onions Health BenefitsOnions are highly valued in every form of cuisine imaginable especially for its distinctively pungent smell and taste that helps in bringing out the flavor in foods. More importantly onions are also used as alternatives to medication in treating certain ailments. Green onions and red onions are two[...]

  • Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Tamarind Fruit
    Health Benefits Of Tamarind FruitTry adding tamarind fruit to your daily diet because of the many health benefits tamarind offers for overall general health.  Tamarind seeds are widely used in tropical Asia, Latin America and in the Caribbean areas as part of food or a light snack. The pulp[...]

  • Legumes: Health Benefits, Facts and Nutritional Value
    Legumes Health Benefits, Nutrition FactsBeans, also known as legumes, should be included in all kinds of diet, as they are loaded with nutrients. In fact, legumes are also referred to as “a poor person’s meat”, though in truth, they are actually much healthier than most varieties[...]

  • Coughing and Dermatitis Natural Treatment with Honey and Lemon
    Coughing and DermatitisCough is the method of expulsion of any extraneous matter that enters the body, through the nose or mouth. Cough is termed dry or wet, on the basis of mucus production. Cough treatment involves a low spice diet. Any food that irritates the throat further is avoided. Foods[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery Options for Anaemia
    What is Anaemia? AnaemiaAnaemia is the term used for abnormally low levels of hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. This is usually an impact from consumption of refined foods and is among the most common diseases affecting human beings. Hemoglobin is the red, iron-containing pigment that is stored in red[...]

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