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acidic urine

  • Eat Tomatoes and Prevent Prostate Cancer
    Prostate cancer is also referred to as Adenocarcinoma. It is a cancerous tumor, which develops on the prostate gland, a gland in the male reproductive system. In course of time, it spreads to the inner glands and other parts like the lungs, liver and bone. It also affects the seminal[...]

  • Enlarged Prostate Natural Remedies and Herbal Cures
    Cure for Enlarged ProstateThe bark of the Varun plant (Crataeva nurvula) has been used in the traditional forms of Indian medicine such as Ayurveda and Unani medicine for the treatment of kidney stones and enlargement of the prostate. The successful usage of this plant for this treatment has been demonstrated[...]

  • Acid Alkaline Food Chart, List and Simplified Diet Recipes for Cancer
    Acid Alkaline Food Chart Consumption of healthy food paves the path for a healthy life free of all diseases and illnesses. However, eating fresh food has been replaced by eating food that is processed that contains very little nutrition. Also, there are a number of chemicals that are added to[...]

  • Fruit Dieting With Healthy Fruit Detox Diet
    Fruits For Diet And Weight Loss Does fruit diet serve as a healthy detox diet. Is it recommended to go on fasting and live on healthy fruit diet once a week. How can that help? Fruits are one of the foods, which have an age-old origin. It is an[...]

  • Quantity of Water to Be Consumed Daily - Health Benefits
    Health Benefits Of Drinking WaterWater is one of the most important and often forgotten requirements for a healthy lifestyle. The human body mass is made up of 75% water and consuming water is the only way to maintain this balance. Water is important for the fluidity of blood. It also[...]

  • Diet For Frequent Urination And Bladder Infections
    Frequent Urination Treatment And Diet For Urine Troubles Please suggest some effective diet for patient with urination troubles and uncomfortable night sleep Urination troubles can be due to a urinary tract infection or kidney disease. An overactive bladder or urinary incontinence can be controlled by modifying the diet. While it[...]

  • Causes And Diet For Abdominal Pain
    Diet For Abdomen And Medications For Abdominal Pain I have pain from last 10 year in my abdomen and uric acid trouble is in my knowledge since last 3 years. I am now not consuming any alcohol or non-veg from about 1.5 year.  Kindly inform me about the[...]

  • Home Remedies Using Cranberries : Cranberry Juice For Perspiration
    Cranberry Juice Health Benefits Body odor is something that most of us have experienced at some point of time. An extremely embarrassing social circumstance, body odor is usually caused by heavy perspiration, especially in the folds of the body like the underarms, knees and the folds of the neck. Excessive[...]

  • Diet For Urinary Tract Infection | Prevent Urinary Tract Infection | Yogurt for UTI
    To prevent this problem from occurring or to help to reduce the symptoms some of the main steps to take include drinking plenty of water. Water helps to flush out the urinary tract and this will help to get rid of the bacteria causing the infection.[...]

  • Functions and Importance of Drinking Water for Living Organisms
    Composed of oxygen and hydrogen, water is a substance essential to all life forms. The human body is made up of 70% water, about 2/3rd the weight of the human body.  The functioning of every cell and organ in the human anatomy and physiology depend upon one&rsquo[...]

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