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  • Home Remedies for Treating Symptoms of Common Cold
    Common cold is a highly contagious infection caused by common cold viruses. It is an ailment that affects the upper respiratory tract of a person. It is important that the disease is treated right away to prevent the infection spreading to the individuals around the patient. The causes of common[...]

  • Health Benefits, Facts and Side Effects of Caraway Seeds
    Caraway Seed Health BenefitsBotanically called Carum carvi, caraway is a biennial plant, which belongs to the family Apiaceae. Some of the health benefits of caraway seeds are listed as under:Caraway seeds lowers the concentration of LDL cholesterol, by preventing its re-absorption in the colon. As such, caraway seeds[...]

  • Herbal Properties of Thyme Leaves and Supplements
    Fresh Thyme Leaves And Thyme SupplementThyme is derived from a Greek word that actually means ‘to fumigate.’ It is believed that the Greeks made incense from thyme, which was the symbol of elegance and grace. There is also another notion about the name, which says that thyme is[...]

  • Artificial Sugar Substitutes - Acesulfame Potassium
    Acesulfame PotassiumAcesulfame potassium commonly referred as acesulfame K is a high intensity artificial sweetener available in the supermarkets with the trade name of Nutrinova, Sweet one and Sunett. It is similar to aspartame in sweetness that is around 200 times sweeter than table sugar or sucrose. When used in high[...]

  • Health Benefits of Lemon and Lettuce Juices
    LEMON Citrus limoniaLemonade has been used as a refreshing drink since the rule of the Moguls in India. It has excellent cooling properties and can also be used with water and sugar to treat fevers. The high Vitamin C content has also been used to treat scurvy among sailors since[...]

  • Facts about Glycerol as Natural Sugar Substitute
    GlycerolWhat is glycerol? Glycerol is a chemical compound with the formula HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH and is sweet tasting sugar alcohol with three hydrophilic alcoholic hydroxyl groups. Glycerol is also known as glycerin by commercial products and is widely distributed in nature in the form of esters known as glycerides. Since[...]

  • Natural Remedies and Herbal Cure for Heart Burn
    Natural Remedies For Heart Burn And Herbal CuresClinically called Pyrosis, heartburn is actually an ailment of the esophagus and not of the chest or throat. When the food is ingested, it passes through the esophagus to the stomach. While moving into the stomach, the sphincter, or valve between esophagus and[...]

  • Delicate looking herb Thyme
    ThymeThyme is a very popular delicate looking herb with a peculiar fragrance which is relished by many people in eggs, beans and vegetable dishes. There are more than sixty different varieties of thyme including French thyme, orange thyme, lemon thyme and silver thyme. The word ‘thyme’ is derived[...]

  • Red Clover: Facts, Medicinal Uses, and Health Benefits
    Red CloverRed Clover or Trifalium Pritanse is a popular treatment for menopausal symptom reduction, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This plant is largely found in Europe and North America. Red Clover is a legume which has been traditionally used to treat disorders such as pertussis, cancer[...]

  • Fennel Seeds and Leaves - Health Benefits
    Fennel Seeds And Fennel Leaves Health BenefitsPlentiful in phytoestrogens, Fennel is a powerful herb against stomach upsets, colic, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stomach disorders. More importantly fennel seeds can also be used in normalizing the functionalities of the kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, and aiding the digestive process. Fennel health[...]

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