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  • Diet Plan Using Oatmeal for Cholesterol and Uric Acid Treatment
    Oatmeal for cholesterol and uric acid: I have cholesterol and uric acid I have heard that some foods which are good to lower cholesterol are not good for uric acid as in the case of oatmeal, please advice.Most of the foods that have a cholesterol lowering effect can be[...]

  • Health Benefits and Side Effects of Pennyroyal
    PennyroyalPennyroyal is a small aromatic herb and belongs to the mint family. Due to its medical properties, the herb has being used since ancient times, but has become a subject of controversy today involving death and government regulations. The active ingredient in pennyroyal plant is the volatile oil and pulegone[...]

  • Cauliflower: Facts, Nutrients and Health Benefits
    CauliflowerThe vegetables which belong to the Brassica family are characterized with large heads, and cruciferous leaves. Among these is cauliflower which mostly grows from December to March. The difference of this veggie from cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli is its color. While the three vegetables have green heads, the former[...]

  • Reasons to Include Fruits in Your Daily Diet
    FruitsFruits are a healthy way to start your day. The saying “An apple a day keeps a doctor” is just not made to read in books. It is very important to respect the healthy gift of nature that is fruits. Besides apples it is important to include all[...]

  • Fig and French Bean Juice Nutritional Value and Benefits
    FIG Ficus carica Figs were an integral part of the diet of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The fruit was believed to increase strength and swiftness and formed an important part of the diet of the athletes during those days. Figs are an excellent source of Vitamin B6. Fig juice[...]

  • Lamb Health Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects, Information And Facts
    Lamb Health BenefitsThe meat of a one year old or younger sheep is called Lamb. This red meat is widely popular all over the world, except however in the United States of America. The main cuts of lamb that are popular are shoulder, rack, shank or the breast, loin and[...]

  • Burdock - the Herb with Healing Properties
    BurdockBurdock is an herb native to Europe and Northern Asia and primarily consists of carbohydrates, plant sterols, volatile oils, fatty oils and tannins. The roots of this plant are used for centuries to treat variety of ailments and are useful in hair loss treatment, diabetes, and arthritis treatment. It is[...]

  • Health Benefits of Consuming Halibut Fish
    HalibutHalibut is a largest salt water fish and one of the largest flatfish weighing up to 660 pounds. It is a lean fish with few bones, pure white flesh with fine texture and grey-brown skin. The halibut meat is adored among the fish lovers; it has a delicate sweet[...]

  • Vitamin B12 Source - Snapper and Its Benefits
    SnapperThere are more than 180 species of snapper all over the world and all of them belong to the fish family Lutjanidae. Snapper is found in all waters worldwide, and it can be enjoyed throughout the year. It gets the name snapper from its canine like teeth in the upper[...]

  • Information, Facts, Dosage and Side Effects of Lithium Supplements
    Lithium Supplement Information & Facts Lithium is a naturally occurring element that is present in the body in trace amounts. The element is found naturally in soil and water, and may even be available in some fruits and vegetables. It is usually found in plant products. Animal products are a[...]

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