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health facts

  • Benefits of Barf Diet | Barf Dog Food Diet | Raw Food Barf Diet
    Barf Diet-. According to the BARF dog food diet, feeding the dog raw meats, bones and uncooked vegetables results in the dog following a balanced diet that is rich in minerals, proteins and all the other essential nutrients.[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Medications for Epilepsy
    Epilepsy SymptomsEpilepsy is a condition that is associated with the nervous system and its functioning. The nervous system is designed to pass electrical signals from the brain to various parts of the body. These signals are used to transmit sensory information and to control the movement of the muscles in[...]

  • Facts About Appetite Suppressants | Control Appetite With Appetite Suppresants
    Appetite Suppressing Tips And TacticsThere are certain substances that work as diet or appetite suppressants. These substances are generally chemical in nature and serve to suppress untimely and unnecessary craving for food. These appetite suppressants are also referred to as anorexics wherein ‘an’ means without and ‘orexi[...]

  • Vegetarian Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids | Omega 3 Fatty Acids Health Benefits
    Vegetarian Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids-leafy green vegetables such as spinach hold a lot of omega 3 fatty acids while most nuts like hazelnut, walnut and pecans also hold a lot of omega 3 fatty acid content.[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Facts and Statistics of Heart Diseases
    Heart Disease SymptomsHeart disease can be described as a very broad term, which includes a wide range of conditions that affect the heart. There are quite a few different health problems, which are considered a part of heart diseases, some of which include coronary artery disease, arrhythmias (problems with the[...]

  • Fitness Nutrition with a Balanced Diet and Exercises
    Fitness NutritionIn today’s world it is very important to stay fit, and with staying fit comes the unfailing combination of exercise and diet. When people stop exercising and do not care about what they eat, at an average, they gain up to 10 pounds every year. This is[...]

  • Health Benefits Of Chicken And Cholesterol Levels In Chicken
    Cholesterol In Chicken And Broth Health Benefits Is chicken a heart healthy diet? What is the amount of cholesterol in it? Please let me know other diet for heart health In general, chicken is quite a healthy food. As a source of protein it is one of the best, as[...]

  • Tips for Choosing Lean Body Protein Bars and Shakes
    Most people want to shed extra pounds and get a slim and toned body. This can be possible only if one loses weight. The best way you can lose weight is by supplementing your diet with protein. One of the main sources that help you lose weight is protein, and[...]

  • Facts About fibrocystic Breast Disease And Diet For Fibrocyst
    Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Causes And TreatmentFibrocystic breast disease is a condition in which the tissues of the breast undergo odd changes or variations. This disease is also referred to as “mammary dysplasia”, “benign breast disease” and “diffuse cystic mastopathy” and is of a benign[...]

  • Bipolar Disorder Causes | Bipolar Disorder Facts And Medication
    Bipolar Disorder Causes- So what are the possible causes of bipolar disorder? Here are some of the reasons that have been put forth after extensive research on this disorder.[...]

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