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foods containing vitamin b complex

  • Calories In Barley
    Barley belongs to the grass family and is cultivated in most countries. Barley does not take long to yield. This cereal is used both as fodder for animals and as a health supplement for human consumption in the form of soup, tea, cookies, and bread. Beer and whiskey are malted[...]

  • Best Supplements & Vitamins for Hair and Skin Care
    Hair And Skin TipsThere are several people across the world, especially women, who suffer from different types of hair and skin problems, mainly in the scalp area. When a person has a scalp condition, the skin in the area tends to get dry, which in turn could cause the hair[...]

  • Carbohydrates Diet - Importance and Types
    Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars by the body and used as the main source of energy. There two types of carbohydrates: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.Simple carbohydrates: Refined sugars contain simple carbohydrates. So you can find these simple carbohydrates in white sugar, lollipops, and candies. Fruits and[...]

  • Complex Carbohydrates Diet Plan | Best Detox Diet With Carbohydrate Foods
    Carbohydrate Diet Plan For Low Carb Diet And Healthy NutritionWhat are complex carbohydrates? Our diets contain two types of carbohydrates – simple and complex. We get our carbohydrates from many kinds of foods such as cereals, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. All these are broken down to form[...]

  • Benefits Of Carbohydrates Lipid Proteins For Health, Energy, Immunity And Muscle Building
    Advantages of carbohydrates include regulating different metabolic processes in the body and preventing ketosis and breaking down fatty acids as they are rich in phytonutrients.[...]

  • When To Take Vitamins | Best Time To Take Prenatal Vitamins
    When To Take Vitamins-All vitamins work uniquely and hence there is no specific time to take specific vitamins.The time of the day hardly matters and there is no harm if you take vitamins at night.[...]

  • Diet To Increase Energy Levels | Foods, Nutrients To Energize The Body
    For high energy in female; vitamins, herbs, ginseng, green tea, iron are essential. It should also include a sufficient intake of proteins through vegetables, lean meat and poultry.[...]

  • Foods That Increase Height | Diet and Increase in Height | Yoga To Increase Height
    Diet to increase height - Apart from following a proper diet to increase height, you should also attempt some of the disciplines of yoga in order to boost your height.[...]

  • Home Remedies For Vitamin Deficiency | Vitamin Deficiency Treatment
    Treating Vitamin Deficiency At Home If you are suffering from vitamin deficiency, it is important to know exactly which vitamin you are deficient in. It is of no real use to you if you are deficient in vitamin A and then take nutritional supplements or medication that will add more[...]

  • Natural Treatment to Lower Cholesterol Level
    A diet to reduce cholesterol should consist of the following:-Foods high in complex carbohydratesLess high fat foodLess high cholesterol foodReplacing saturated fat with unsaturated fatDiet is essential and plays an important role in reducing cholesterol. One way you can do this is to eat total less fat food as[...]

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