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weight gain

  • Honey Dew Melon Nutrition | Garnished Melon Grape Bunch
    Garnished Melon Grape Bunch Ingredients: One honey dew melon Preparation time: 15-20 minutes Method: Take one ripe honey dew melon and cut it into half. Make sure that it is not too ripe though. Remove the seeds and use a melon scooper to make small balls. Now arrange them[...]

  • High Fiber, Low Fat Diet for Obesity Treatment
    Fight Rebound Weight Gain A high-fiber, low-fat diet plan, combined with walking is the safest and most effective method to lose and maintain normal body weight.Walking slightly increases the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and burns calories at a faster rate. Walking also makes you lose more fat[...]

  • Lemon - Effective Detox Diet For Better Health
    Lemon Detox Cleansing diet The lemon detox diet can help you lose weight by flushing out the buildup of toxins from the colon and helping the body function better. Also known as a lemon cleanser, this effective detox diet does not need expensive ingredients. You can also use a lemon[...]

  • Water Diet For Cleansing And Detoxification
    Water For Healthy Body Metabolism What should be the adequate intake of water for a healthy body. Does drinking more water help to reduce weight or gain weight. Which foods have more water content? Water is extremely critical for the maintenance of good health, yet the need for water varies[...]

  • Dieting Myths: Tips to Control Calories Intake and Keep Healthy
    Diet FallaciesCalories Don’t Count – Untrue! Calories matter a lot in weight-gain and weight-loss program. You must reduce your intake by 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight.It is totally untrue - that for weight-loss program a crash diet is the best way[...]

  • Choosing Healthy Foods with Healthy Eating Menu
    Healthy Diet to Lose Weight My height is 5 ft 2 inches and my current weight is about 74 kg. Please guide me to choose foods wisely while eating out (in restaurants). I'm a non vegetarian. Hi! Your ideal body weight is around 55 kg. You need to be[...]

  • Foods And Nutrition For Underweight Children
    Raising a child poses many challenges. Feeding your child properly is something that is extremely important as it sets the base for your child’s future life. Proper nutrition helps the development of the brain, the immune system, muscles and organs. If you are not feeding your child some[...]

  • Complete Weight Management And Weight Management Deits
    Accomplish Weight Management With Effective Diet Program How essential is weight management after instant weight reduction? How can weight management be achieved with healthy diet program? Your question is quite confusing. Weight management is absolutely essential for any sensible, healthy weight loss program. Weight loss itself involves weight management to[...]

  • Risks and Side Effects of Yo Yo or Chronic Dieting
    Risks of Dieting and Chronic Dieting Side EffectsChronic Dieters who lost 10% body weight and then gained it back, increased heart risk by 30%. Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling makes it harder to lose weight permanently and is more dangerous to health.Ways to Lose Weight and Healthy Weight[...]

  • Bland Diet | All About Bland Diet Plan
    Bland Diet Tips And Suggestions For Bland Diet What is bland diet? Is bland diet recommended for weight reduction and diabetes The Bland diet is a more common usage of the term BRAT diet, so called because it is an acronym for the foods that the diet consists of. Later[...]

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