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The gall bladder is an organ that is a part of the human digestive system. It is a small collection organ located between the liver and the intestinal system. The liver produces bile, which is an agent that helps in the processing of fats that are already partially digested in the stomach. This allows for the efficient management of fat that is consumed. The gall bladder collects bile that is secreted from the liver. During the process of digestion, the liver creates more bile to deal with the fat content in the food consumed. This bile along with the bile that is stored in the gall bladder becomes sufficient to manage the food being consumed by an individual.

One important function of the gall bladder is its ability to increase the concentration of bile. When bile is stored in the gall bladder, it tends to become more concentrated as the water from it is partially removed. This makes the bile more potent and further helps the digestive process. The removal of the gall bladder does not adversely affect the life of the individual. Such an individual would benefit from avoiding excessively fatty foods. In all other ways the person would be healthy without the gall bladder.

Gallstones are tiny hardened masses that form within the gall bladder. These gallstones block the flow of bile and can cause some digestive issues. Gallstones can be tiny or extremely large, even as large as a small lemon. Gallstones usually form in clumps of small stones. There are a few symptoms that are attributed to gall bladder blockage. The individual will feel a dull continuous pain around the area where the gall bladder is. The individual will also suffer from clay colored stools and he or she may suffer from nausea and vomiting. Gallstones can be diagnosed by a doctor by using a CT scan. An HIDA scan may be used for a more specific diagnosis where the gall bladder is injected with a contrast material and made to contract.

There are two ways of dealing with gallstones. Surgery can help to remove the stones or the bladder itself completely and restore the normal flow of bile into the small intestine. The other option is a non-surgical option which uses an oral or directly injected substance that is designed to help dissolve the gallstones. This may gradually produce results as the stone is gradually dissolved, allowing it to pass and clear the bile ducts. 

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