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gm diet plan

GM Diet Plan

The General Motors (GM) diet and health program was believed to have been formulated exclusively for the employees of General Motors, Inc. The GM diet plan is considered to be effective in targeting a weight loss of 10-16 pounds in a week. It is believed that following this diet can help in improving one's attitudes and emotions in addition to losing excess weight due to its cleansing results.

It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor prior to adopting this diet, due to its irrational weight loss recommendations. Although most people who have tried the GM diet plan claim to have lost weight, they have resumed more pounds than before once the General Motors diet ended.

The GM diet plan is a seven-day program, it involves:

• Abstain from alcohol all the days of the diet.
• Drink not less than ten glasses of eater every day of the diet
• One the first day of the diet, only fruits must be consumed, with the exception of bananas.
• On the second day, only vegetables must be eaten.
• On the third day, consume an equal portion of fruits and vegetables; refrain from bananas and potatoes.
• On the fourth day, consume only bananas and milk.
• On the fifth day, you can consume beef and tomatoes. You can eat as much lean beef with tomatoes as you like. On day five, water must be increased by at least one quart in order to purify the system from the build-up of uric acid that has been built in your body.
• On the sixth day, you may consume as much lean beef with any kind of vegetables.
• On the last day of the gm diet plan, your diet must comprise of brown rice, freshly squeezed fruit juices and different types of vegetables.

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