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Coughing and Dermatitis

Cough is the method of expulsion of any extraneous matter that enters the body, through the nose or mouth. Cough is termed dry or wet, on the basis of mucus production. Cough treatment involves a low spice diet. Any food that irritates the throat further is avoided. Foods, especially liquids that are warm or hot are soothing to the throat.

Cough treatment at home is simple to follow.

Avoid smoking and tobacco. Abstain from irritants, such as pollutants and smoke. This is helpful in early recovery from cough treatment. Acidity in the stomach also contributes to cough and heartburn. Cough drops are available in the market, which provide temporary relief. They are cost effective and are available in a lot of flavors. Sleep on an elevated level to soothe a dry cough. A mask on the mouth helps, especially when going out.

Dry cough treatment involves proper hydration, as persistent cough deprives you of the moisture in the throat. Honey with lime juice or tea helps.  Expectorants are effective in thinning the mucus. Individuals, who experience difficulty in removal of mucus, benefit with expectorants. Do not use cough suppressants indiscriminately. Treatment for cough involves the use of ginger juice. Fresh ginger juice is of great help, as it soothes the throat.

Dermatitis is a condition of the skin, which is seen to be associated with dry and scaly skin. Itching of the skin, redness and inflammation of the affected areas are some of the symptoms of dermatitis. Wheat grass juice is effective for dermatitis cure. Dermatitis remedies include the usage of drugs. Abstinence from the object that causes the reaction helps in the treatment of contact dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis is a result of contact with irritants, such as cosmetics, chemicals, metals, detergents and so on.

Dermatitis natural treatment involves having a bath with oatmeal. This helps in relieving the itch associated with dermatitis. Calamine lotion has a cooling effect and helps a lot! Anti histamine lotions might prove harmful, as they might themselves contribute to allergic dermatitis. Oral anti histamines provide relief from itching and redness. Dermatitis treatment is effective with hydrocortisone creams. Dermatitis cure is at the maximum by avoidance of the trigger or stimulus. Cold compress is equally effective for dermatitis. Place the compress thrice a day for about half an hour. Immediate removal of the stimulus is done by washing the affected area with cold water and mild soap.

A cough which is expectorant, i.e., it is productive in removing mucus, is a necessary protective mechanism. Dry coughs are eased by gargling with and then swallowing:
Juice of 2 lemons; 2 tablespoonfuls (30ml) honey, warm water 5 fl oz (150ml).
Find the cause of the cough, for example, a cold or catarrh, and then treat the condition. Avoid staying in smoky atmospheres. A good treatment is:
Onion 10 fl oz (275ml) each day.

If caused by an outside irritant, remove the cause. Try spreading on either avocado pulp or papaya pulp.
In rare cases this is due to vitamin A deficiency.

If so take any of the following:

Carrot 6 fl oz (l75ml); apple 6 fl oz (175ml); celery 6 fl oz (l75ml).
Carrot 10 fl oz (275ml); celery 6 fl oz (l75ml).
Parsley 2 fl oz (50ml); watercress 3 fl oz (75ml); carrot 11 fl oz

Honey and lemon for cough

The combination of lemon and honey works wonders in relieving a cough. It does not matter what kind of a cough you have. It could be because of smoking or an allergy or because of a common cold. What ever the reason a cough is an irritating thing and leaves one tired and harassed. However, this combination of lemon and honey soothes an irritated throat and suppresses the racking cough making the person relax and get a good nights rest. Making this extract is quite easy and once made it can be stored for while in an air tight container. The lemon should be put into water and allowed to boil for about 15 minutes. Once this is done and the lemon has turned soft the juice should be squeezed from it and the extract strained. An equal quantity or more of honey can be added to the lemon extract. This mixture can be taken thrice a day by any age group.

Treating dry cough

Coughs are either non productive which is a dry cough or a productive one which is one with phlegm.  The dry cough is one which happens when the upper airways and throat get irritated and the person coughs with a dry rasping sound without any phlegm or mucus being produced. There is an uncomfortable feeling in the throat which starts the cough which is quite acute and bothers the person and tires them out. A dry cough can be the result of many different things like an allergic condition because of inhaling dust, cigarette smoke or chemical fumes. It could also start with a sinus attack or an ordinary cold which result in a throat infection which gives rise to a dry cough. Coughing is a natural reaction by the body to try and remove the irritant which is the throat inflammation but this does not happen and the person feels uncomfortable and exhausted. 

A dry cough should not be taken lightly as it could be the symptom for a more serious illness like bronchitis or pneumonia or a pulmonary problem. If the cough persists it is always better to consult a physician to rule out any serious problem. Sometimes a blood pressure drug could bring on a dry cough. If a cough starts after the person has taken a beta blocker then the doctor should be notified immediately and he may suggest changing the medication.

Apart from the common cold there are several other more complex reasons for a dry cough which need a doctor’s attention. The dry cough can be bought on because of an infection of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, laryngitis, whooping cough, post nasal dip or a disease of the larynx. More serious disorders like cancer and fibrosing alveolitis also have dry cough as one of the symptoms.

Lemon juice cough

A lemon juice cough is one which is the result of a simple infection and needs the mildest form of medication or a home remedy like lemon juice and honey to relieve it. Though there are several cough syrups being made commercially and available without a prescription a lot of people would prefer a home remedy instead of drugging themselves.

Honey and lime for cough

A lot of alternate therapy medications use the honey and lime combination for several different health problems. This combination relieves allergies if taken regularly for about a month and can be safely administered to children and adults. Apart from being used as a medication it is effective in weight loss and is good to boost the immune system. Lime has several health benefits because of the large content of vitamin C in it. It is helpful in relieving and treating urinary tract disorders, gout, gum problems, peptic ulcer, piles, scurvy, respiratory disorders, and also for eye care, constipation, digestion and skin care.

Like lime honey too has a lot of beneficial properties. Honey contains vitamins B3, B5, B6, B2 and B1 apart from vitamin C. It also contains phosphate, irons, sulphur, sodium chlorine, calcium, potassium, magnesium along with fructose, and glucose and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Honey and lemon juice for cough

A sore throat which causes a dry cough can be healed with the anti microbial properties of honey and the healing properties in the lemon. The honey soothes the raw tissues of the throat while the lemon juice builds the immunity and controls infection. Honey also is a good source of anti oxidants.

Dry cough honey

Dry cough can be the cause of an embarrassing situation if it starts during a meeting or a public gathering. This could be because of the environment which has caused an allergic reaction or the dust which is present around you. There is not much you can do while you are out, but a sip of water could provide temporary relief. There are cough lozenges which have a base of honey and lime juice which give immediate relief. If you are prone to such incidents of dry cough keep a few of these ready to combat the cough. The next best option is to keep some drinking water by your side.
Soothing a dry cough

A dry cough can come on if the air in your home is too dry. Humidifying the home air will give relief to dry coughs and this can be done by investing in a humidifier for your home. Have a hot shower and the steam from this will hydrate the passage of your throat and give relief.

Lemon juice for cough

Lemon juice is effective and helps relieve a cough. This need not be only in a cold lemon juice drink, you can add a dash of lime juice to a hot cup of black tea with a spoon of honey in it. This drink soothes the throat and clears any discomfort.

Honey for cold and cough

A drink to soothe your throat as well as make you relax is a warm cup of milk with some honey in it. The natural healing properties of honey which give relief for a cold and cough also help insomnia. Warm milk with a pinch of turmeric and pepper powder are known to subside a cough when had at bed time.

Lemon juice honey cough

The healing effects of lemon juice and honey for a cough are well known, but if the cough persists it is best to see a doctor and find out the cause of the dry cough. A long term cough should not be neglected as it could be a symptom for a more serious disorder which needs medical attention.

Submitted on January 16, 2014