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Juices for Gallstones and Goitre Treatment

One important form of gallstones treatment is by consuming plenty of liquids and fluids throughout the day.  Recommended juices as gallstones remedies include a substantial quantity or apple juice throughout the day. In order to flush out gallstones gradually, the patient must consume at least three to four liters of water every day. Some folk remedies swear that gallstones cure can be achieved by drinking a blend of apple and lemon juice for at least five days regularly in a row for the removal of gallstones. Most people who suffer from gallstones usually have unhealthy diets, and care must be taken to eliminate all kinds of fatty foods and as well as high cholesterol foods. In order to follow a diet of apple juice for the treatment of gallstones, apple juice must be consumed continuously for three days in a row.

According to experts, the apple juice remedy as a form of gallstones treatment effectively breaks down the gallstones and passed them out through the urine. Other effective herbal juices as remedies for gallstones treatment include the juice of dandelion and Rosemary. The remedy of consuming Apple juice as well as eating five apples everyday or applesauce is known as the gallbladder flush or the liver flush. Most people who self administer the gallbladder flush, carry on the treatment of Apple juice for three or five days and after a brief fast, drink large quantities of freshly squeezed lemon juice blended with olive oil at bed time. It has been claimed that gallstones pass off painlessly the following morning.

In order to treat goiter, fresh juices of oranges, apples, pineapples and grapes must be consumed every day for least five days in a row. These juices help in detoxification and cleansing of the body and help in reliving goiter symptoms. After five days, the patient must consume lukewarm water throughout the day. The juice fast initiates the body to prepare for healing as well as helps the individual to swallow without pain or discomfort due to goiter. The individual then gradually can start consuming fruits and milk. Fruit juices should include apples, pineapples, grapes, papayas and sweet limes. This form of treatment is particularly effective in treating multinodular forms of goiter. The juice of barley as well as cucumbers and sugarcane is also effective remedies for goiter treatment. These juices can be had alternately in place of the fruit juices. Patients experiencing goiter must adopt a well-balanced diet with emphasis placed on fruits and lightly cooked vegetables. Goiter causes are due to a unhealthy diet especially high in fat and protein. Other folk remedies for treating goiter are watercress. The juice of watercress contains substantial amounts of iodine which is essential in the treatment of goiter. Iodine helps in correcting the functioning of the thyroid gland, and frequent consumption of watercress can help in preventing and treating goiter. However, you may have to consult your medical practitioner before commencing on any of the alternative treatments.


Some doctors say that gallstones can only be cured by surgery - and in some cases they are right. Good results have been observed, though, with natural methods. Avoid fatty foods and reduce weight to normal. Doctors say that a typical patient is female, fat and forty!

The following juice combinations are useful:

Apple 10 f1 oz (275m I); celery 6 f1 oz (175ml).
Beetroot 16 f1 oz (450ml).
Nettle 6 f1 oz (l75ml); watercress 4 f1 oz (100ml).
Carrot 6 f1 oz (l75ml); beetroot 5 f1 oz (l50ml); cucumber 5 f1 oz (150ml).
Celery juice is particularly recommended for its effect in preventing the formation of further gallstones.


This enlargement of the thyroid gland is due to too little iodine in the diet. Goiter is only common in areas with little natural iodine where the usual preventive measure or remedy is to use iodized table salt, or better still, sea salt in cooking.

The natural way is to add a teaspoonful (5ml) of kelp or dulse to one of the following combinations:
Parsley I fl oz (25ml); carrot 7 fl oz (200ml); celery 8 fl oz (225ml).
Carrot 10 fl oz (275ml); spinach 4 II oz (100ml); watercress 2 fl oz (50ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014