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Diet Chart For Pregnancy

Nature’s most beautiful process – pregnancy, is a woman’s privilege that evokes a wide range of emotions – not just for the mum but also for those around her. From mum’s cousin’s neighbor to the lady at the metro station, hairdresser and stern boss… everyone seems to have read a book or two on pregnancy and is full of advice, concern and care. “Eat beans, bananas and broccoli”, also “pomegranates, pears and peaches”, it’s amusing (sometimes annoying) how everyone enthusiastically stresses on the importance of chalking out a healthy eating plan during pregnancy. Refer to our pregnancy diet chart, but don’t be too harsh on yourself or feel guilty when you indulge in your favorite foods. Skip the fried and fatty junk stuff, but when that chocolate ice cream swirls tantalizingly in front of your dreamy eyes, go ahead and dig in!


Wake up a little early to have a good healthy breakfast and soak up the rising sun.

Rushing out to work on an empty stomach is not ok when you’re pregnant! Breakfast foods will give you a warm, happy feeling so that you can deal with the queasiness a little better somehow. You could eat:

  • 1 slice whole wheat toast, glazed with light margarine or a dairy spread
  • 1-2 cubes of cheese
  • 1 cup low-fat milk
  • Any kind of fresh fruits (washed, peeled and sliced)
  • Fresh fruits mixed with a dollop of yogurt and sprinkled with sesame seeds is a delightful, nutritious, and tasty breakfast option. Fiber-rich oat bran is a healthy breakfast option for pregnant moms, as it improves cardio-vascular and digestive functioning.


  • Bowl of salad: Mix together some cherry tomatoes, white beans, sliced skinless chicken, and arugula leaves to make a chicken-arugula salad. Garnish with grated cheese and add a few tablespoons of olive oil and vinegar to give it a tangy flavor.
  • Bowl of soup: Some soups that you could try out are green peas and corn and tomato soup. Creamy broccoli soup is another preparation including diced onion, carrots, broccoli, and chopped garlic in chicken broth.
  • Preparation of lean meats such as chicken, ham or beef. Meats help form red blood cells and maintain energy levels.
  • Finish your meal with a fruit salad mixed with dry fruits. To the risottos and pastas, add a wide variety of colorful vegetables. Your baby will get the nutrition he requires and he will also enjoy the flavors! It’s important to use healthy oils for cooking like safflower oil and olive oil. Fish that you can eat when pregnant include sardines, mackerel and salmon. Also see vegetarian diet during pregnancy


  • Soup
  • Quiche or any other preferred egg preparation
  • Baked beans or bean burritos
  • Have an early dinner and before you sleep, have a glass of warm milk. Do not overeat just because you need to eat for two. Just make sure that you eat a variety of foods that supply you with essential nutrients like iron, protein, calcium, iodine, fiber, folate, and carbohydrates. 


A couple of hours after breakfast and in the early evening time you crave for something to snack on. Fast foods like hamburgers, fries and chips can be fattening and bad for your health. Carry an apple, banana or your favorite fresh fruit to satisfy sudden hunger pangs. You can even carry a packet of dates, almonds, and walnuts as a small snack. Have fresh juices and lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Whatever you eat, make sure that your meals are low in saturated or trans fats and that they are easy to digest.

Submitted on January 16, 2014