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2nd degree burn treatment and diet:

What to apply for a second degree burn from boiling water to sooth the pain? 

According to your description, you may have developed or might develop pus and blisters due to second degree burns. Second degree burns generally have this kind of effect on people. There is nothing to be worried about. Second degree burns can be easily treated at home but you will have to act quickly. First and foremost, it is very important to cool down the wound with the help of cold water.

Keep the affected area directly under the tap of cold water till you experience relief. This will speed up the recovery process to a great extent. Clean the area with the soft cloth and apply a teaspoon of honey on the affected part. The honey will act as a coolant hence recovery will be much faster. You can also apply over the counter burn creams and lotions which are easily available at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

Home remedies for second degree burns are safe and do not cause any kind of side effects. Make a paste of three to four fresh mint leaves and apply directly on the affected area. The concoction will act as a coolant and relieve the pain quite effectively. Follow this method at least four times in a day. Honey is also a very effective natural healing substance. Apply two to three drops of honey on the affected area and you will see a remarkable change in a matter of days. Aromatherapy is also a very effective natural remedy for second degree burns. Apply three to four drops of lavender oil at least four times in a day. Always keep the wound covered with a soft cloth. An open burn wound will attract germs and bacteria which will cause additional problems.

Apart from treating the wound, it is also very important to follow a healthy diet which will reduce the recovery time to a great extent. A healthy diet comprises of green vegetables, fresh fruits, juices, eggs and small portions of meat. A second degree burn might affect the nervous system of the body. It is very important to repair that and develop immunity. Vitamin C is a very valuable substance in this case and must be consumed on a daily basis. Pop a Vitamin C pill every four hours or consume foods which are rich in this nutrient. Vitamin C is mainly found in citrus fruits, papaya and strawberry. After you have been healed completely, it is recommended to consume foods that are high in zinc. The zinc substance will improve the quality of skin and is known to remove blemishes and marks caused by burns. Consult a doctor if the wound becomes worse.

Submitted on January 16, 2014