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Bandage could make the burn condition worse:

Should I put a bandage on my burns? It feels better when I do.

I would not recommend applying a bandage on your burns. A bandage would be thick in nature and will generate heat which can be painful and could make the burn condition much worse. Though, it is extremely important to keep the wound covered in order to prevent a bacterial infection. Cover the wound with a soft cloth which is very thin in nature.

A thin cloth will allow the oxygen to reach the wound which is very essential. Cotton gauze is a good example of a thin cloth. The cotton gauze will not stick to the wound and will provide the necessary relief. Cotton gauze can be purchased from a pharmacy near you. When a burn wound is not covered, it attracts germs and bacteria. Wash the wound many times in a day with a soft cloth.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to lower the temperature of the burn and check its severity. Immediately apply an icepack or cold water on the affected area for temporary relief. First degree burns can be easily solved at home but second and third degree burns may require urgent medical attention. It is advisable to check with a doctor as soon as you get burnt. Before covering the wound with cotton gauze, it is extremely important to apply a medicine on the wound. Apply a burn lotion or cream on the wound for a quick recovery. Burn lotion can easily be purchased at a nearby pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. It is advisable to apply the lotion at least four to five times in a day in order to be effective.

Home remedies play a very important role in order to curb painful burns. Take a spoonful of honey and apply directly on the affected area. Honey is considered to lower the temperature to a great extent. Mint leaves are also believed to be very effective against burns. Make a paste of three to four fresh mint leaves and apply on the wound. These substances are very instrumental in lowering the burn temperature.

Apart from reducing the temperature, it is also very important to heal the wound. Diet is the most essential factor in this case. A high nutrient diet is the most important measure you need to take. Vitamin A should be consumed in large quantities. Vitamin A is found in carrots, broccoli, red and white meat and spinach. These food products are to be consumed on a daily basis. Zinc is also a very vital element that must be consumed in order to restore the original skin. Consume as many fruits as you can all throughout the day.

Continue this treatment till your wound heals. If you do not experience complete relief from the burn in a week's time, consult a doctor immediately.

Submitted on January 16, 2014