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Diaper rash skin problem in infants:

My Child is 1.5years old has a skin problem doctors say it it because of immunity problem please suggest what food to take?

Small babies or infants often develop skin problems or rashes due to allergy to some environmental antigen. These allergies are hypersensitive or abnormal responses of the immune system to relatively harmless substances in the body. Skin problems like a diaper rash arises usually due to some chemical irritation like germs present in baby's stool; these germs then gets converted to ammonia from urea and cause irritation on the skin. You have not mentioned what kind of skin problem exactly your child has, is it eczema, hives, rashes, psoriasis or any other skin problem. Also immunity problem is not clearly mentioned.

Infants often fall sick as this is a natural way to build up their immune system to guard and fight against the viruses and bacteria in the environment.

If you baby has an allergic reaction it is important to identify the allergen (the substance that causes an allergic reaction) and avoid that completely. This is only an effective solution for allergy. For example if your child has an skin problem after eating fish then stop giving him that particular fish for some period. Then probably after few months you can reintroduce that fish in small amounts to check if that is only the problem. This way you can identify the trigger foods and avoid them completely. Try to include small meals at frequent intervals. This will help you to incorporate more amount of food in his diet.

If your child has rashes or baby acne, then clean and wash his face with lukewarm water several times a day. If he has developed a diaper rash then keep the area clean and change his diapers often to avoid skin contact with feces and urine. Instead of diaper wipes use lots of warm water to clean your baby's bottoms. To prevent further development of rash expose your baby to fresh air – allow him to play on a soft quilt naked for 20-30 minutes daily. Believe me your child will love it.

It is important to know the type of skin disorder to recommend a particular food or a particular diet for your baby. To boost his immune system include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in his diet (juices or soup can also be given). Make sure that you clean all the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before giving him as many times an unhygienic environment may also cause an allergic reaction or a skin problem in infants.

Submitted on January 16, 2014