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Excessive sweating could be a sign of athlete's foot:

I am 22 years old I sweat too much and that causes itching and irritation, due to sweat my hair is getting also weak please give me solution to solve this problem, so that I am able to concentrate on my studies waiting for your reply.

Sweating is a complex mechanism to cool your body. Sweating is considered normal and healthy if you are working out in a gym, stand under the heat of the sun or simply giving a presentation in front of a group. However many times the complex mechanism of sweating can go awry and cause excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) which is often disturbing. Excess sweating can not only be embarrassing at times but can also be a signal to other serious health problem. The amount of sweating will vary depending on a situation among different individuals, so learn what is normal for you.

How much you sweat and how your sweat smells largely depends on your diet (certain foods and beverages), low blood sugar, mood, hormonal levels (low levels of male hormones), hyperthyroidism, and medical conditions like fever, malaria and certain drugs. However some individuals have an inherited tendency to simply sweat more.  Consult a specialist to know the exact cause for you to sweat more as many a times a simple symptom like excessive sweating can be a sign for some serious underlining disease or health condition and may sometimes cause certain complications like jock itch, nail fungus, athletes foot, prickly heat, warts, bacterial infections, heat rash and social and emotional disturbances.

Besides the medications prescribed by your specialist try the following tips -

  • Maintain adequate personal hygiene, bath regularly to keep the number of bacteria from your skin away. Make sure to dry your body completely especially the folds in the body as the micro-organisms love to multiply in damp areas. Also wash your scalp regularly to avoid oily hair and dandruff in hair. If sweating is due to some hormonal problem then hair loss or weak hair can also be associated with it, make sure to inform your specialist about your hair condition.
  • Change your shoes often, wear clean cotton socks. Preferably wear footwear that is open from the toes as this will provide enough air to circulate which will allow your feet to breathe.
  • Choose natural fabrics for your clothes like cotton, wool, silk or Lenin instead of synthetic ones as the natural fabrics will allow your skin to breathe and also help to absorb the sweat.
  • Apply perfume-free antiperspirants on your palms and toes at night. Learn relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga as these can help you to deal with stress which triggers perspiration.
  • Foods with strong odors like onion, garlic and caffeinated beverages can cause off-odor in your sweat. If you experience this problem consider eliminating or using these foods in limitation.
Submitted on October 27, 2008