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Vitamin C and zinc diet to heal burn wounds:

How to cure a burn?

The treatment of burns depends upon their severity. It is very important for you to check the current condition of those burns. If you have suffered first degree burns, it is quite possible to cure it right at home without having the need to visit a doctor. Second degree burns are very painful and you might notice blisters. These burns can also be treated at home but if the condition gets worse, it is highly advisable to seek a doctor's help.

Third degree burns are extremely painful and may cause permanent skin, body and nerve damage. Quick medical attention is required.

If you are suffering from first or second degree burns, I may be able to help you out. First and foremost, it is extremely important to stop the burning. Open the tap of cold water and place the wound directly underneath it. The cold water will stop the burning and provide you instant temporary relief. After a few minutes, clean the wound with a soft clean cloth as there might be germs and bacteria. After cleaning and drying, cover the infected area with turmeric powder and cover it with a soft cloth. It is recommended to cover a burn wound so that it does not cause another infection. You can also soak the infected area in milk for 10 minutes. Make a paste of aloe and fresh mint leaves and apply directly on the affected area. You will experience immense amount of relief. Follow these treatments very religiously till you have been completely cured.

Diet plays a very important role for the treatment of burns. Vitamin C is considered to be a very vital nutrient which should be consumed in large amounts. Vitamin C is largely found in citrus fruits, potatoes and many more. It is also very important to consume Vitamin A and E as they are work as antioxidants. After the pain has been reduced and the wound is almost healed, it is highly recommended to include zinc in your diet. Zinc will provide a much healthier skin and also reduce recovery time. It is highly advisable to consume fruits every two to three hours. Fruits will help you lessen recovery time and also provide the essential nutrients that are necessary.

Higher degree burns generally affect the nervous system and hence essential energy from the body is lost. It is very important to follow a healthy diet so that energy is maintained and you are healed much faster. Consult a doctor if the condition gets worse or the wound takes a lot of time to heal.

Submitted on January 16, 2014