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Brat Diet

Nutrition is a basic requirement of the human body. Every aspect of an individual’s health can be determined by the quality and quantity of nutrition consumed. The human body is extremely complicated and requires several different nutrients for its maintenance. At any given time there are many different body functions taking place simultaneously in the human body. Cells in the body are often destroyed and regenerated as a part of the body’s processes to keep itself healthy.
In order to maintain these processes, adequate nutrition is required. Many humans consume food that is unhealthy. In such a situation they may gain weight even though their body systems are not properly supplied with certain vital nutrients.

The process of digestion is quite complicated in itself. This process begins right with the chewing of food in the mouth. Here, saliva is added to the food. Saliva contains important enzymes and also helps to break down the physical structure of food so that it is easier to swallow and digest. Food then passes through the esophagus into the stomach. In the stomach, food is processed and digested. This takes place using enzymes and digestive acids. These enzymes and acids break the food down so that it becomes easier for the body to access nutrients present in the food. This food then passes into the intestinal system. Here, further digestion is aided by the secretions of the gall bladder and the pancreas. Microscopic structures present in the intestinal system help to absorb nutrients as the food passes through this system. Once the nutrients are absorbed, the waste food continues to pass through the body. It eventually reaches the colon from where it is disposed of through the act of defecation. This process of digestion takes place immediately after each meal has been consumed. The duration of digestion depends on the quantity of food consumed and also on the type of food consumed. Some foods are more complex and thus more difficult to digest. The quantity of dietary fiber is also important when it comes to how fast food gets digested.
There are many different viruses and medical conditions that can cause problems with the process of digestion. When the stomach is infected, the lining may get damaged. This throws the entire process of digestion out of synchronization. Individuals who consume food prepared in unhygienic settings may experience digestive problems more often than others. In some cases, the food may be perfectly healthy, but it may still cause digestive problems for the individual. This is particularly true of spicy foods and foods that contain nutrients which may be difficult to break down.

Digestive distress is an annoying and often debilitating problem for an individual to face. In such a condition, the individual will experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal pain and general malaise. Digestive distress will, over a period of time, cause problems associated with malnutrition as the body may not receive the nutrition that it needs for its day to day activities. An individual suffering from digestive distress may need to follow a simple and basic diet to ensure that the stomach and digestive systems return to normal. In such a situation a diet known as the BRAT diet is applicable.

The BRAT diet is short form for the Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast diet. The BRAT diet is useful for an individual who wishes to provide his or her body with adequate nutrition while avoiding any foods that might create havoc with the system. The BRAT diet for an upset stomach helps to calm the stomach down.

One can purchase bananas at most supermarkets across the world. Bananas provide the body with an energy boost that is essential when the individual is unwell. Bananas have also been known for their ability to bind the stomach and to boost the processes involved with digestion. Rice is a simple food that can be had in steamed form. An individual may add extremely small quantities of herbs or seasoning to plain rice so that it is palatable. Applesauce is also easily accepted by the individual’s body. Toast provides some calories and can be had with smearing of jam or honey to help with an upset stomach.

As one can see, the BRAT diet is extremely simple in its preparations. There are no complicated food items needed in the BRAT diet. This diet is therefore universally applicable to individuals who are suffering from digestive problems that lead to diarrhea and indigestion. Often, a few days on the BRAT diet will help the body regenerate its ability to digest more complicated foods. The use of the BRAT diet for diarrhea should be applied as soon as the problem first presents itself. The BRAT diet for an upset stomach will ensure that the individual has regular intake of food as well. The quantities of the BRAT diet food varies from individual to individual based on personal choice. Normally, people with diarrhea and stomach problems tend to have a poor appetite during their condition. For those who have a voracious appetite, it is recommended that moderation is applied when consuming the BRAT diet. This is needed to allow the body some period of rest during which it can repair the lining of the digestive system.

One major advantage of the BRAT diet is that it can be administered without the need to visit a doctor or receive any prescription. This BRAT diet is designed for individuals who have digestive symptoms that have an obvious link to some food that has recently been consumed. If there is no logical link to the diet, the individual should visit a doctor for an explanation of why there are digestive symptoms. Furthermore, individuals suffering from diarrhea and vomiting may be suffering from infectious diseases or viruses. The presence of a fever and other symptoms should prompt a visit to the doctor. For those with a simple digestive problem, the BRAT diet is a great solution.
Submitted on January 16, 2014