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Crash Diet

A crash diet severely restricts an individual’s calorie intake and causes severe nutritional deprivations. Crash diets have become immensely popular in today’s fast paced world, and many people think that following a crash diet is the best option to lose weight. However, it is important to understand that a crash diet is not supposed to be followed for long periods of time as it is neither successful nor healthy. Once a person resumes eating normally, the weight gain is more rapid as the body begins to store fat anticipating that you may go on another diet and the rate of metabolism is also very slow.

The aim of a crash diet is to bring about rapid weight loss, and usually works well for those who want to lose a few pounds quickly.
Those planning to go on a crash diet before a big event or occasion should contact a nutritionist or naturopath, pamper themselves with some massages when on a diet, practice some relaxation techniques, and take some vitamin supplements. This is because inadequate nutritional intake while on a crash diet could make you look tired and dull.

So all said and done, “Is there a crash diet that works?” Are there any diets that may be considered appropriate for an individual’s crash diet plans or is there any best crash diet food that he/she can eat if looking to lose some weight quickly?  The answer is yes. One should however know that the effects of a crash diet are usually temporary, and it is always best to opt for a natural weight procedure that includes an exercise routine and a proper diet. There are a number of diets such as “crash diets to lose belly fat,” “crash diets to lose 20 pounds,” “crash diets for celebrities” available on the Internet. While choosing a healthy crash diet make sure you take into consideration your health, lifestyle, weight, and the amount of time that is available for you.

The 3 day crash diet plan has a cleansing/fasting approach that many claim to be beneficial in weight loss. The plan is easy-to-follow and designed to help those interested in rapid weight loss. It is based on the principle that weight loss occurs due to calorie reduction and an increased intake of liquids. There is an increase in urination as a result of which less water is retained in the body.

Here’s what you need to do:

• On day one you are supposed to go on a complete fast.
• On day two you can eat as many fruits and drink fruit juices.
• On day three you can have vegetable juices and vegetables only.
• On day four and after that you must eat normally.
The 3 day crash diet plan is effective only if you are looking for quick weight loss. This plan has some potential dangers that one should learn more about before embarking on such a diet. One crash diet that features on the list of fad diets that are popular is the cabbage soup diet. The Cabbage soup diet offers quick weight loss to those who are willing to try it. The recipe for the Cabbage soup uses plenty of vegetables and is as follows:
• Large onions (green) – 6
• Green Peppers – 2
• Tomatoes – 1-2 cans
• Carrots – 3
• Whole mushroom – 1 container
• Celery – 1 bunch
• Cabbage – ½ a head
• Soup mix – 1 package
• Bullion – 1-2 cubes (optional)
• Seasoning as per taste

Slice the onions and sauté in a pot with some cooking spray. Take the green pepper, deseed it, and cut it into small pieces before adding it to the pot. Cut the outer leafs of the cabbage and add it as well. Follow this with carrots that are cut into small pieces. Lastly, add some sliced mushrooms and a little bit of cayenne or curry pepper (optional).  Once all the ingredients are sautéed well add around 8 to 12 cups of water and cook on a low heat for about 2 hours or so. The cabbage soup diet plan has to be followed for seven days. Cabbage soup has to be consumed in plenty on all seven days of your diet. In addition to cabbage soup, you can have some fruit of your choice on day one (avoid bananas). On day two, have plenty of vegetables and also include a baked potato with some butter. On day three, you can have a mix of fruits and vegetables. On day four, have around six bananas and some fat-free milk. On day five, have six tomatoes and around 450 grams of fish and meat. On day six, have beef and vegetables, and finally on day seven, you can have some brown rice, vegetables and pure fruit juice.

Here are a few crash diet tips that really work.

• Make sure you stop consuming empty calories from your diet. This includes alcohol, fruit juices, soda pop, and whole milk. Drinks such as these are high in calories. Replace them with plenty of water. Have some skim or soy milk instead of whole milk.
• Make sure you exercise while following a crash diet. Your exercise routine should be for about one hour or so as it will really help energize you and lose weight as well. If you feel dizzy, faint or sick, while exercising stop immediately.
• Add plenty of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to your diet. Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and lettuce work best for those on a crash diet. They aid the digestion process and you eliminate regularly.
• In addition to following the crash dieting tips mentioned above, make sure you don’t follow a crash diet plan for a long duration as this can cause health issues. Take the help of your nutritionist or health care provider to decide on a follow-up weight loss plan that will help you meet your weight loss target even after your crash diet.
• Last but not the least, pick a crash diet that suits your budget and also make sure that you pick a plan that you think you will be able to finish.

Submitted on January 16, 2014