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Weight Loss Shake


Weight loss shakes are one of the magical potion opted by many, for weight loss. They act as meal replacements. A number of people are looking for ways to lose weight. Weight loss shake is one such technique that aids in reduction of weight. The enzyme diet shake is one commonly used weight loss shake.

A number of nutrients that aid in the synthesis of metabolic enzymes, in the body are produced. This diet also helps in providing those enzymes that result in the absorption of nutrients to the maximum extent.

Whole food ingredients are used in these enzyme diet shakes. No artificial flavors are added. It is devoid of caffeine and ephedra. The shake is also devoid of any stimulants. These enzyme diet shakes are available in various flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. All the essential nutrients, such as fibre, carbohydrates, fatty acids, essential minerals, phyto nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids are provided by this diet. It helps in shedding the extra kilos, without reducing the metabolic phase. Follow up weight gain or recurrence is not seen. The shake is tasty and delicious and easy to prepare. Two meals of the daily diet are replaced by these shakes to derive maximum results.

Whey protein is one of the essential components of these weight loss shakes, as it increases the muscles and regulates absorption and digestion. Acetyl carnitine is yet another constituent of weight loss shakes that aid in reducing fatigue and hunger pangs. They also help in fat metabolism regulation. The amount of carbohydrate in these shakes is less, in order to burn the accumulated fat. Flaxseed in these shakes contributes to linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid, which prove beneficial in metabolism of fat. Soy is the contributor of protein in weight loss shakes. Egg or dairy products are also used, alternatively. A weight loss shake with nutrients are preferred, rather than skipping a meal.

Many weight loss shakes burn calories and fat, thereby helping in weight loss. The craving for hunger is reduced. It is used as a snack or for energy increase. They are mixed with water or skimmed milk, prior to consumption. The preparation method is simple and fats. Weight loss shakes function by increasing the energy expenditure by the body. As digestion of these diets calls for increased calories, the resting metabolic rate increases. More energy is expended in the conversion of protein to fat, rather than the amount required to convert fat to fat and carbohydrate to fat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014