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Fifth day of General Motors Diet:

Can I take any other fruit like peach or any other vegetable as substitute for tomatoes on fifth day of GM diet?

GM diet or General Motor's diet is essential for detoxification of your body and for reduction of the weight. It is a 7 day diet program which you need to follow once in a month or once in two months. If this program is followed properly you can lose up to 2 to 3 kgs in one week. However after this program if you do not maintain the diet restriction, then you can regain weight again. Thus the diet is totally modified for seven days and you can feel lighter at the end of the program.

You tend to be confident and optimistic.


The seven day diet chart is as follows:

You should have 10 glasses of water everyday. Abstain from alcohol consumption.
1st day: Have only fresh fruits for the whole day. Fruits provide fiber and are used for cleansing the system. All types of fruits can be consumed. Avoid bananas as they are calorie dense.
2nd day: Consume Vegetables in raw or cooked form. Consume all types of vegetables from potatoes to cucumber and tomatoes. There is no limit to the type and amount of vegetables to be consumed. These vegetables consist of complex carbohydrates that can provide the bulk and bring about peristalsis in the intestine.
3rd day: Consume a combination of fruits and vegetables. However avoid consumption of potatoes and bananas. Consume Vegetables either singly or in salad form with a combination of different vegetables. Dressings that can be used for salads are malt, lemon juice, vinegar, herbs and seasonings. This combination is necessary to provide complex carbohydrates as well as phytochemicals in the body. You can eat vegetables in unlimited quantities.
4th day: Bananas, milk and soup are the menu for the day. These foods are eaten to compensate for the decrease in potassium and sodium levels in the body.
5th day: Beef and tomatoes can be eaten. Beef is consumed to provide iron and protein whereas tomatoes can be useful for digestion and improving the fiber content in the diet. Beef cannot be consumed by vegetarians hence they may not be able to follow the diet pattern. This problem is solved by consuming brown rice instead of beef.
6th day: Have Beef and vegetables. Consume a combination of different vegetables along with beef. For vegetarians, brown rice is recommended instead of beef.
7th day: The menu is Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices. This is generally the end of the diet program where you have achieved the goal. You tend to feel lighter on this day than day one.

We generally have fruits and vegetables in all the other days except for 5th day. It is necessary to consume all types of fruits and vegetables. Hence it is necessary to consume tomatoes on the 5th day. Moreover tomatoes help in purifying the urine and can provide fiber to the diet. You need to eat at least six tomatoes on the 5th day. Hence you cannot avoid tomatoes on the 5th day. You can have other fruits and vegetables on the other days of the diet program.   It is very difficult to substitute tomatoes with any fruit or vegetable.

Submitted on March 31, 2010