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Is GM Diet Good For Health

There are several fad diets that have become very popular around the world in the last few years and the General Motors diet plan, more commonly referred to as the GM diet plan is one of them. However, there are several people who wonder “is GM diet safe and effective”, or “is GM diet good”, after hearing what foods are included in this diet.

Is the GM diet safe?

The GM diet plan has been followed by thousands of people across the globe, who have seen varying results. There are some people who actually lose the amount of weight they want to and then manage to keep it off. However, others claim that while they did lose the amount of weight guaranteed by the diet, they regained all of it, and some more, once they resumed their regular diets.

Therefore, weight watchers generally believe that the diet is worth a shot. Several people, especially those who are elderly, are suffering from any preexisting medical condition or have had a baby recently are known to ask their doctors “is GM diet safe” or “is GM diet good for health”.

It is not just the results that vary, even the people’s reactions to the diet may vary. Some people may feel better, lighter after following the diet, stating that GM food is good. However, there have been numerous instances of people who have seen negative side effects of the diet, such as fatigue, weakness, low pressure and constant hunger pangs. Therefore, by the third or fourth day of the diet, the symptoms get worse, which is probably what causes people to check with others who have used the diet “is the GM diet safe”?

Is GM food safe?

How the diet works, is that it allows people to eat unlimited quantities of certain foods, but at the same time, restricts the intake of several types of foods, like dairy products,  cereals, whole grains, poultry, nuts and seeds. However, the foods that are recommended include fresh fruits, vegetables, beef, tomato, set amounts of brown rice and a lot of water. On the last day, people are also allowed to have fruit juice. While some people may benefit from this diet, it may not be ideal for those who lead a hectic lifestyle with a lot of strenuous activity.

Therefore, for those people who checking “is GM diet safe”, as they are planning to follow it, it is best for them to check with a doctor before doing so.

Submitted on January 16, 2014