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Cutting Health Care Costs

Submitted by Stella Morgan on November 6, 2009

Health Care – In today’s world, one can’t afford to fall ill. Between the doctor’s bills and medication costs you end up spending hundreds of dollars each time you are a little under the weather. But if you take the time to sit down and organize your health plan, you can easily cut down on the amount you spend on health care. All it takes is a few tweaks and a little research. Health Coverage – Your current health plan might not be the most appropriate one.

You may want to trim your insurance policy to cover only your main needs. As a result you will pay a lower premium, helping you cut cost without compromising your safety. Be sure to study all your options carefully so as to get the minimum cover you require.

Also be prepared to seek help and inputs from family and friends working in the field, before you zero in on the right plan. Keep an eye out for health plan savings and support programs, new schemes and health incentive programs that may be introduced by the government, by your employer, or by your insurance companies. Free Clinics – If you can’t afford high cost private medical facilities, scout for a free clinic or a subsidized health facilities in your city; many charitable and social organizations also provide subsidized medical facilities.

Short list a few such facilities and identify the one that best fits your budget and medical needs. Bear in mind such medical facilities are often swamped with patients and you may be required to wait your turn. Opt for Generic Drugs Health Care – Big pharmaceutical companies manufacture expensive branded medication.

Chances are that these are the drugs your doctor will prescribe. However you can purchase generic variants of the medicines at a much cheaper rate. Variants are equally effective, and have a similar formulation. Be sure to ask (or inform) your doctor about the same before he fills out the prescription. In case of over-the-counter drugs, ask the pharmacist for a generic equivalent. Medical Tourism – If you have a medical condition that needs surgical attention, you may want to consider the option of medical tourism. Lots of countries around the world provide excellent medical care at much cheaper rates. Countries like Cuba, India, and Poland offer medical tourists a variety of options. This option requires some research on your part, but even with the travel cost included, this will prove to be a more economical option. Stay Fit and Focused – The one sure fire way of cutting your health care costs is to stay fit. Stop eating processed foods and substitute them with fresh, healthy home cooked meals. A balanced meal should be complemented by enough rest and at least thirty minutes of daily exercise. Incorporate a healthy fitness routine like yoga or pilates, or simply go for a jog. This three prong routine: food, exercise and rest is enough to keep you fit and healthy for longer.
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