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Boost Your Immunity Naturally

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on December 18, 2009

The lymphatic system is built up of numerous vessels that run through the body and are sometimes found in clusters. These vessels run through lymph nodes which range between the size of a green pea and an almond. A bacterial infection of the lymphatic glands in the ears, nose and throat are generally the cause for a person being afflicted with the flu.

Symptoms of the flu include running a temperature and a general feeling of illness, most often accompanied by a running nose and sore throat. The lymphatic glands collect the waste fluid from the body, filter them of impurities and reinsert them into the blood stream so that the body does not go through a phase of dehydration.

When the lymphatic glands are attacked by a bacterial infection, they tend to swell up and can become sensitively painful. Since the lymphatic system is also involved with boosting immunity, it is necessary that you have a strong, functional lymphatic system to fight off minor illnesses. The lymphatic system is an important system because it also serves as an indicator, telling us that something is wrong with the body.

Any pain that is experienced by the clusters of lymphatic nodes in the armpits, neck or throat, is an indicator of an underlying condition. Besides this, a healthy lymph system also lowers the chances of heart diseases and other cardiac disorders.

One of the best ways to keep the lymphatic system in good order is to exercise daily.

A short brisk walk is often advised as it helps to burn fat, which would otherwise deposit around the lymphatic glands of the body and restrict functioning of the same. Water is an excellent medium to flush toxins out of the body while improving metabolism and therefore, it is recommended that plenty of water be consumed through the day.

Proper breathing is another excellent method of assisting the lymphatic system to remain healthy because when you breathe easily, the body is more relaxed and can perform internal functions in a better manner.

The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is widely recommended for boosting the lymphatic system, further leading to a strengthened immune system.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain all the nutrition that is required by the body to fight off minor illnesses such as the flu, and should be added to the dietary plan. Warm broths and soups will help to clear any bacterial infection in the throat that is causing flu like symptoms. When a person is afflicted with the flu, it is important that the body be given enough rest. While the body is at rest, the repair of damaged and worn out tissues takes place, helping the system to fight of any illness. 
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