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Diet to Treat Fungal Infection

April 19, 2011
Fungi are parasitic plants. When we define a fungal infection we are talking about a condition where the fungi multiply and begin to eat away at the person’s skin or flesh. There are various fungal infections that may occur on external body parts such as in between the toes, on the skin, or on the external reproductive organs. However, when we are talking of fungal infection in the digestive system, we may refer to this as a yeast infection.

Treating a yeast infection in the digestive system is tricky process. Bacteria in the stomach aid the process of digestion.

When we attack a yeast infection in the stomach, we also kill what are known as ‘good bacteria’. In this situation, treatment must include a method to replenish the body’s depleted bacteria content to make sure that proper digestion takes place.

A change of diet is essential in the case of yeast infections.

When you are feeding yourself, the fungi absorb some of the nutrients of your food. In this way, you end up feeding the parasite, so it is essential to change your diet to one that will not feed the fungi. The modern human diet has excessively refined foods and processed foods.

Some refined foods like sugars and refined carbohydrates are foods that fungi thrive on. When you continue eating such a diet, there will be an overgrowth of fungi in your digestive system.

Starving the fungi of foods that it thrives on will result in the fungi reducing in size. However, fungi are parasitic and they will begin attacking your digestive tract for nutrition.

Once you have followed an anti-fungal diet you must then try and use natural methods to actually kill the fungal growths in your digestive system.

There are some foods that have natural anti-fungal properties. It may be noted that extracts from these foods are used in skin care and treatment of skin based fungal infections. Black olives are noted for their antifungal and antioxidant properties. You can also use coconut oil based products. Turmeric is a superb substance to be used in all sorts of medical applications. It can be used for skin lightening, as an antiseptic agent and is also antifungal. Turmeric stains surfaces it touches with a yellow color but this gets washed away after three or four washes.

Other foods to try when you want to rid your system of fungal infections are garlic. It can be used both externally (on skin based fungal infections) or consumed to fight off fungal infections.
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