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Foul Smelling Stool Healing Diet

April 19, 2011
Human excrement or stool is always accompanied by a foul odor. However, there may be a situation where your stool smells much worse than normal and this is the type of condition that is classified as foul smelling stool. The culprit that is blamed for this condition is a poor diet. The modern person’s diet tends to include refined sugars, artificial flavoring and white flour. All these food items have been linked with foul smelling stool.

The foul smell from stool comes from poor or incomplete digestion.

This may be due to many factors including problems with your digestive system that are not associated with diet. These kinds of problems should be diagnosed by a doctor who may be able to find an underlying cause. Certain medical conditions like ulcerative colitis can be blamed for foul smelling stool.

However, it is possible to improve your diet considerably and sort out your problems by natural and healthy methods.

The first recommendation for better digestive efficiency is to consume food that is high in fiber content.

You can substitute your white bread with whole wheat bread. Certain fruits like apples (with the skin) and oranges are naturally high in fiber. A high fiber breakfast containing bran and oatmeal can also be consumed to help with your digestive process.

Other foods that help with fiber contain are leafy vegetables.
It is important that you chew your food properly. The chewing action releases digestive juices in the body and also prepares the food for better digestion.

Both these effects are positive and will lead to improved digestion.

When serving yourself food, try to reduce the quantity of food you are taking. We tend to over eat simply because we have served a little bit more than required in our plates. You may find that eating slightly less does not leave you with a hungry feeling. If this is the case, you can go ahead and eat slightly less food. This will reduce the pressure on your digestive system as it allows the digestive juices to be spread over less food. 

Avoid food that has a high fat content. Fat is difficult to break down even in healthy people. It is possible that your gall bladder is not releasing enough bile into the system to digest the high quantity of fat you are taking in. In this case, reducing fat will have a beneficial effect.
You may drink some herbal remedies like mint tea which are known to help with the digestive process.
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