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The Dangers of Polyphagia

August 8, 2016

Controlling your appetite may seem like the hardest part of dieting. People naturally are drawn to sweets, salty snacks and things like ice cream, candy and cake. The problem becomes when you start to have too high of an intake of the sugars that many processed foods contain today. The sugars will alter your body chemistry in such a way that suddenly you may find yourself craving these foods all of the time, even after finishing an adequate meal. It may even seem like no matter what you do there are persistent cravings and feeling of hunger.

If you feel this way, you may be experiencing polyphagia.  It’s a difficult condition to live with and it could lead to other health issues.

Understanding the Problem

In basic terms, polyphagia is an increased appetite or excessive hunger. People who suffer from this condition may have these feelings all of the time, even if after eating a balanced meal. The main cause of the problem can be traced back to a number of different mental, physical and neurological causes.

The problem is most closely associated with diabetes and is often seen as a symptom of Type II diabetes. While this is the primary association there are also other factors that can cause this disorder. Genetic disorders such as Klein-Levin syndrome and Prader-Willi can also be root causes.

Hyperthyroidism and hypoglycemia are also known to create the symptoms of excessive hunger. People that are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression may also find that a symptom of this type of mental state can be excessive eating and hunger as a coping mechanism.

Dealing with the Problem

The best way to get a proper diagnosis for this condition and their related causes is to see a physician. Your doctor can perform the proper tests, exams and evaluations to see if you may be suffering from any of the mentioned disorders and help you to develop a proper course of treatment to deal with the problem.

Very often medications, along with diet and weight management and regular monitoring of your blood sugar will be necessary.

If you have been diagnosed with polyphagia and are working towards overcoming the problem, take the time to visit so you can learn more about healthy diets and other things you can do to help control your weight and be healthy.

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