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Low Carb Diet Food

I weight more than 70 kgs can you me an idea about Low Crab Diet to reduce weight?
(June 13, 2008)

Carb Diets Foods

Many people opt to low carbohydrate diets, in order to shed the extra pounds. Low carbohydrate diets are those that recommends reduced intake of carbohydrates. Decreased intake of carbohydrates, result in incomplete metabolism of fatty acids. The resultant product is ketone bodies, resulting in ketosis. Significant reduction of weight in the form of water loss is seen in the initial stages.

Good sources of digestible carbohydrates are avoided. They are also substituted by foods that are rich in fats or protein. Low carbohydrate diets are generally recommended for epilepsy, obesity and diabetes mellitus.

The Atkins diet is the most popular low carbohydrate diet. According to this diet, the food pyramid is not recommended. The probability of eating refined foods is high. Carbohydrate is reduced to prevent expenditure of the body glucose. This results in burning of the body fat, or lipolysis. Lack of carbohydrates results in ketosis. Carbohydrates that have negative effect on blood glucose are avoided. Dr. Atkins reveals the metabolic advantage of the Atkins diet. More calories are burnt by this low carbohydrate diet, thereby resulting in weight loss.
The diet is simple and monotonous, thereby suppressing the appetite. The pangs of hunger due to low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia are averted. Whole foods that are unprocessed and are of a low glycaemic index are preferred. The Atkins diet is also said to reduce the necessity of drugs, in diabetic individuals on Atkins diet. About 20 grams of carbohydrates are recommended in the initial stages of the diet. Around 15 grams of this is obtained from green vegetables and salad greens. A good intake of shellfish, eggs, meat, fowl and fish are recommended. About four ounces of fat and oil is also recommended. With exercise, the diet results in a loss of 5 to 10 pounds.

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