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My bones are weak what should I eat to get calcium for my bones

(April 14, 2011)

Calcium is a very important mineral for the human body and plays a very significant role in its upkeep and maintenance. Calcium makes up roughly about 1.5 to 2 percent of the body weight of an adult individual and is present primarily in the bones and blood. Apart from the ability to strengthen the bones, the other functions of calcium include aiding the proper coagulation of the blood, production of milk, keeping a check to make sure that the cell membranes remain intact as well as the ability to help the transformation of light into an electrical impulse in the retina. Suffering from a calcium deficiency can cause a number of problems including rickets – which is a condition characterized by the bending of the bones around the ankles. Women suffering from a lack of calcium will not only face problems with bone development, but also in the course of other medical procedures such as pregnancy.

The absorption ratio of milk is about 20 to 30 percent of an individuals overall dietary intake of the substance and is primarily conducted by the small intestine. The absorption process relies heavily on the body’s vitamin D content. Some of the other well known conditions that are caused primarily as a result of calcium deficiency include osteoporosis and osteomalacia.  

Because it is important to have a healthy intake of the substance to stave off some of the serious conditions it causes, an increased intake of calcium should be taken seriously. Calcium substances easily available over the counter at any medical store is one of the best ways of ensuring the right amount of calcium has bee supplied to your body on a daily basis while ingestion of multi vitamins is also helpful as they supply the body with the nutrients that aid in calcium absorption. Not many people are aware of the fact that caffeine intake interferes significantly with calcium absorption, so either reducing it significantly or cutting it out completely is a very important method of enhancing the body’s ability to absorb the substance more efficiently. Increase your intake of dairy foods as they are known to be high in calcium content. It is important to remember that some calcium sources make it easy for the body to absorb the substance while others make it a little harder. For example, the calcium content of dairy products are relatively easy for the body to absorb. However, the calcium content of vegetables and consumable seeds are much harder for the body to break down to attain the calcium component.

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