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What is the daily limit for sugar intake?

(April 15, 2011)

Sugar is one of the most influential substances of our daily dietary intake and plays an important role in the upkeep and maintenance of the human body. Because of the very fast and hectic lifestyles that most of us lead in this day and age, it is easy to regularly forget about giving the body the right kind of nutrition, leading to fast foods such as burgers and hot dogs becoming the staple diet amongst most of the urban working class. Most of these foods are either substantially or wholly lacking in any kind of nutritional as well as vitamin content – thereby leading to a number of deficiencies within the body. Moreover, while a number of people tell you to watch your sugar intake, primarily because most of us go rather overboard when it comes to our sweet tooth, it is essential to avoid completely ignoring the substance. There are a variety of sugars that you are likely to find in your daily diet such as sucrose (which is the common form of table sugar), to brown sugar, raw sugar, turbinado sugar, honey, corn syrup and xylitol, sorbitol and a whole host of other artificial sweeteners.

While the most well known function of sugar or any sweetener containing an offshoot product, is to ease the palate with a more pleasant taste, its chemical function within the human body is to, as with all carbohydrates, generate energy required to perform all the tasks demanded of the human body.

When it comes to identifying the best quantity of sugar consumption on a daily basis, the USDA suggests that one should avoid the use of sugar from table sugar or corn syrup because of the fact that they add little or no nutritional value to an individual’s overall diet. It is more important to keep an account of the number of calories you consume over the course of the day rather than the amount of one specific substance, as in this case with sugar. Keeping an eye on the overall calorie intake will help you prevent becoming overweight as well as other conditions that combine with obesity to promote the development of medical ailments such as diabetes. In an effort to make sure that your body gets the healthiest type of sugar intake, you should make it a point to sweeten any of your food preparations with fruits instead of sugar.  Choosing artificially sweetened yogurt and other dairy products will go a long way into preventing any complications arising out of too much of sugar intake.

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