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Best Online Weight Loss Program

Tired of hunting for information on Best Online Weight Loss Program. I would appreciate if you'll could guide me?
(June 19, 2008)

Online Weight Loss Program 

An array of weight loss programs is available online. The efficacy of these programs is individual based. The seriousness with which the program is followed is vital to determine the best program. A particular program suitable for on individual might not be suitable for the other. Typical 'bad foods are avoided, such as refined sugars, refined flour, refined flour and so on.

Individuals on a low carbohydrate diet, such s diabetics, are comfortable with Atkin's diet.

High protein foods, such as vegetables, meat and eggs are recommended. Rice, fruits and rice are abstained from. Reduced fat, high protein and moderate carbohydrates form the basis of the Zone diet. This diet program clubs exercise with the diet. The new 'Points' system is also helpful. This allows your favourite food in moderation and all foods are given points.
A point range is allotted to each individual by a nutritionist and a check is kept on the same. More diet and weight loss programs exist. They require a lot of self confidence and some incentives for achieving the targets. The General Motors weight loss program is quite famous, with soup and certain restrictions. Refer to your physician, prior to consideration of any program. 

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