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Best Rated Weight Loss Program

How is Best Rated Weight Loss Program helpful to me?
(June 19, 2008)

Effective Weight Loss Program 

Rating of weight loss programs is based on individual response. The best rated weight loss program might not suit you at all. It cannot be generalised and take the help of your physician regarding the best weight loss program that is apt for you. The General Motors weight loss program has found a place in the diet program of almost every individual. It is a seven day program that helps in increasing the expenditure, in comparison to the energy intake.

Alcoholic beverages are avoided during the period of weight loss program. All kinds of fruits, apart from banana are eaten on the first day. Melons are the best. Vegetables in the raw or cooked form are taken on day two. Fruits and vegetables are taken on the third day, devoid of potatoes and bananas. Bananas and milk are recommended on day four. Three glasses of milk with eight bananas are helpful. About ten ounces of beef and six tomatoes are taken on day five. Large amounts of vegetables and beef are allowed on day six. Fruit juices, brown rice and vegetables are a treat on the seventh day. This easy weight loss program is followed for the next week, if you find it comfortable.

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