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Advice on diet

have you got a week diet plan that you can send to my email address? ps thankyou
(November 17, 2010)

Advice on GM diet

The GM diet is a diet plan that is meant for quick weight loss without compromising an individual’s health. The diet chart aims at a weight loss of anywhere between 10 pounds and 17 pounds each week. Apart from weight loss, the general motors diet also aims at improving a person’s emotions and attitude, since it has a cleansing effect. The General Motors diet vegetarian soup is a low calorie soup that can be consumed to help a person meet their nutritional requirements. In case you decide to take on the GM seven day diet plan you will find yourself consuming:

• Only fruits on the first day: All fruits with the exception of bananas are allowed.

There is no limit or restriction on the amount of fruits you can eat. By consuming fruits like melons (especially watermelons) and cantaloupes, you can lose up to three pounds on the very first day of the diet. One of the best fruits for weight loss is the apple.Apples should be consumed with their skin intact.
• Vegetables (cooked or raw) on the second day: Although raw vegetables are preferable, it is absolutely fine to eat cooked vegetables too, as long as they do not contain much oil or any coconut. You can eat any type of vegetables and the General Motors diet vegetarian salads can be spiced up with crushed pepper corns and bell peppers. In fact, the GM diet recommends that you begin your third day with a large baked potato.
• A mixture or fruits and vegetables on the third day: Apart from potatoes and banana, you are allowed to eat any type and any amount of fruits and vegetables.
• Bananas, milk and soup on the fourth day: On this day, you can eat up to eight bananas and you need to drink three glasses of milk. You should also make sure you consume a bowl of the general motors diet vegetarian soup, which is made out of different vegetables.
• Beef and tomatoes on the fifth day: You can eat two portions of lean beef (10 oz), with six whole tomatoes. You can even eat hamburger, as long as you eat six tomatoes on this day. Water consumption for the day should be increased by a quart.
• Beef and vegetables on the sixth day: There is no limit to the amount of beef and vegetables that you can consume
• Brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice on the seventh day: You can eat any quantity of vegetables and brown rice on this day. You can also include fruit juices of your choice, on this day.

Apart from the foods that you are supposed to eat on each day, the consumption of at least 10 glasses of water is a must. Additionally, the General Motors diet vegetarian soup is intended to work as a supplement to your diet. The plan states that you can have the gm diet soup on any day of the diet.

Submitted by S M on November 17, 2010 at 04:45


Advice on diet

Developing a healthy diet plan for a week can be quite a difficult task, but is an excellent way to lose weight. One of the best approaches to develop a week long diet plan is to maintain a food diary, where you record the amount and types of food you eat on a daily basis. You can then use a calorie counter to find out what your daily calorie consumption is. You can also find out what your ideal calorie consumption is and then match the two to determine whether you are receiving an adequate amount of calories on a daily basis. You can talk to your doctor for advice on diet requirements and meal plans. Advice on diet basics includes information on how to switch to healthy foods without suffering from cravings and hunger pangs. A one week diet plan will help you to kick start a healthy eating plan.

Why follow a one week diet plan?

People often start a new diet and then lose interest in a few days. This is because their weight loss goals are either unrealistic or their diets lack variety. The most effective ways of sticking to a diet is by starting slow and including a variety of foods in your diet. The one week diet plan is the perfect way to keep you motivated, mainly because of the short duration. Given below is an example of a week diet plan:

Day 1

• Breakfast: Muesli and skim milk
• Lunch: Tuna sandwich, with low-fat cheese, salad and mayonnaise
• Snack: Grapes
• Dinner: Rice with chicken Kiev, broccoli, peas, carrots and cauliflower

Day 2

• Breakfast: Oats with skim milk
• Lunch: baked potato with beans and grated cheese
• Snack: Fruit or a packet of baked chips
• Dinner: Lamp chops, broccoli and peas

Day 3

• Breakfast: Fresh fruit, with yogurt
• Lunch: Garden salad made with lettuce, broccoli, spinach, red cabbage, cucumber, red onion, low cal dressing and cottage cheese
• Snack: A bar of chocolate
• Dinner: Roast beef, with steamed vegetables

Day 4

• Breakfast: 2 frozen waffles, with low cal fruit spread and one medium apple
• Lunch: Grilled chicken with fresh salad
• Snack: A bowl of fresh fruits 
• Dinner: Chicken fajitas with rice and sweet peppers

Day 5

• Breakfast: Bacon (grilled) and boiled eggs with toast
• Lunch: Grilled halibut with steamed vegetables
• Snack: A fruit smoothie
• Dinner: Vegetable burrito

Day 6

• Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with fruit spread and half a cantaloupe
• Lunch: Chef salad with 3 slices of turkey
• Snack: Plain nuts
• Dinner: Chicken taco, with vegetables

Day 7

• Breakfast: An omelet, muffin with fruit spread
• Lunch: A burger (grilled meat) with salad
• Snack: A fruit 
• Dinner: Grilled beef tenderloin, with asparagus and vegetables.

This one week diet plan is considered to be one of the best diet programs for beginners as it helps the individual get used to healthy eating habits.


Submitted by A M on November 9, 2010 at 11:23


Healthy Diet Tips 

Every diet plan is very individualized and according to a person's daily requirements, likes and dislikes, age, sex and lifestyle. So it would be difficult to mail you a week's diet plan without any basis. However you can follow these simple healthy tips to improve your general nutritional status.

  • Whole grain cereals and its products should form the basis of your diet as from this group you get your complex carbohydrates, fiber and other B-complex nutrients. Incorporate lots of fresh fruits vegetables in different forms like raw, salads, and fruit salads, baked or in boiled form. But remember if you top your fruits with cream or if you load your salads with fattening dressings then you are doing no good.
  • Pulses, sprouts, nuts, fish, poultry, lean meat and eggs should be consumed in moderation; they provide very high quality protein. Try and avoid shelled fish like crabs, lobsters, organ meats like kidney, liver, brain, red meat, pork and sausages with full fat, as along with the protein it also gives you considerable amount of fat which is not desired.
  • Neither you starve nor you binge this is the rule you should follow because when you don't eat anything for a long time then your body reaches in a famished state which then binges when a meal is offered. So have healthy snack when you feel hungry but don't starve yourself.
  • Water and exercise should be the base of any healthy diet plan to remain fit forever.
  • Learn the key to moderation and understand the serving size when you lay your hands on any oily junk food, sodas, colas, chocolates, pastries, bakery items and sweets. 
Submitted by S M on April 2, 2008 at 06:28


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