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Weight gain diet

i m 28years old. my height is 5 feet 8 inch but weight is only 45 kgs....i want increase my can i do that?
(April 2, 2008)

Diet to Gain Weight 

When it comes to weight gain you simply have to eat right at right intervals. For some gaining weight is no big deal but for some even if they eat a lot they never gain weight, according to your height your weight should be around 70-72 kg which means you have a long way to go to achieve that. Don't get depressed, instead happily follow these simple little diet modifications for gaining your ideal body weight –

  • Set a realistic goal and be patient, make a target to gain around ½ -1 kg per week which can be easily achieved.  
  • It is important to increase your caloric intake in order to gain weight so preferably have small 6-7 caloric dense meals in a day to satisfy your hunger pangs.
  • When it comes to calorie dense foods it becomes important to know which these - nuts are in general have loads of healthy calories include nuts like almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts or any others according to your choice. A fruit shake like mango milkshake, banana milkshake topped with dry fruits like dried figs, dates, raisins or simply a dry fruit milkshake would also be great.
  • Other foods from which calories can be fetched are sweets, sugar, jam, butter, oil and cream which can be included liberally in the diet.

    But not to catch any wrong eating habits, concentrate on the healthy part. For example you can include fats from dairy products as they give you other nutrients also, but just choosing a pack of fried wafers or chips would not be wise.  
  • Besides fats proteins can also help in the weight gaining process, include sprouts, pulses, and cottage cheese, milk and milk products or a combination of cereals and pulses.
  • Exercise daily to increase your appetite and your muscle mass too. 
Submitted by S M on April 2, 2008 at 06:24


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