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Weight loss remedy

how to take jeera for weight loss?
(October 14, 2010)

Cumin can be described as a seed that belongs to the Apiaceae family. It is widely used as a spice for cooking, mainly across the Indian subcontinent as well as a few other countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. There is a general opinion amongst people, that spices are bad for the health; however, that is not true in the case of this spice. Cumin is a healthy spice and most people use it to add extra flavor to their food. However, this spice is famous not just for its taste, but also for the health benefits of cumin seeds.  Cumin seeds benefits not only include physical benefits, but also others, like improving memory, reducing insomnia, better concentration and so on.

Some of the most common Cumin seeds benefits include

• Respiratory problems: Cumin should be consumed regularly, by people who are suffering from bronchitis, asthma or other respiratory problems, since Cumin seeds benefits include anti congestive properties.

• Anemia: One of the most important cumin seeds benefits is that it is very high in iron, which is the main constituent of hemoglobin in the blood. The lack of hemoglobin is one of the prime causes of anemia. Therefore, anemic people should take high quantities of cumin, as a nutritious additive to their daily diet.
• Piles: In the powdered form, cumin acts as a natural laxative and due to its anti fungal and anti microbial properties, it helps to heal any wounds or infections in the digestive tract as well as the excretory system. It also helps speed up the digestive process. All of these factors help reduce the risk of piles.
• Lactation: One of the several cumin seeds benefits is that it increases the secretion of milk in mothers who are breastfeeding. Since the seed is rich in iron and calcium, roasted cumin should be consumed in high quantities everyday, by women who are pregnant or lactating.
• Immunity: Since cumin seeds have an abundance of iron, as well as Vitamins A and C, it is a great way to boost the immune system.
• Insomnia: It has been seen that cumin seeds are very effective in treating sleeping problems. Fried cumin seeds should be combined with bananas to help induce a peaceful sleep.
• Memory: Cumin has been used as a home remedy to treat amnesia and improve memory. Older people can also chew on some roasted cumin seeds, in order to prevent dullness in memory.
• Digestive problems: Eating cumin seeds can help treat diarrhea, flatulence, atonic dyspepsia and nausea.

Because of cumin weight loss benefits, consumption of this spice is also recommended by several dieticians and fitness experts. Since it adds a distinct flavor to foods, the use of salt and other unhealthy spices can be limited, while cooking food. Many spices are also not recommended for pregnant women and very small children. In spite of the several known cumin seeds health benefits, it is best to check with a doctor, before increasing the intake of cumin or any other spice.

Submitted by S M on October 14, 2010 at 02:14


Diet for Weigth Loss 

One tablespoon of whole cumin would provide 23 kilocalories out of which it has 1 g fat, 3 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein and 1 g fiber. Cumin seeds have been used since ages in different culinary preparations and also provide various health benefits. One of the predominant medicinal property of cumin Seeds is that stimulates appetite and aids digestion in the stomach. It also helps to reduce the pain caused due to indigestion, flatulence or stomach heaviness. Cumin Seeds also helps to purify blood. But cumin Seeds when used as a sole therapy for weight loss may not work. Cumin Seeds on its own doesn't provide more calories and fat and it can not be used to replace any meals, as this would be very impractical. For weight loss you need to make permanent lifestyle modifications which involve having a control over your diet and exercising on a regular basis. You can definitely have cumin Seeds along with your meals or after the meals to purify blood, aid digestion, avoid flatulence and for general well being. But for a perfect weight loss consult a registered dietician who would give you a diet plan which suits you according to your lifestyle, eating habits and medical conditions along with specific exercises.

Submitted by S M on April 2, 2008 at 06:18


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