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Diet plan for T.B.

in the t.b infection.should we avoid rices\,flour.flesh.
(April 2, 2008)

Tuberculosis Diet Plan

Complete rest and a simple diet are provided for individuals suffering from tuberculosis. Recovery is hastened and weight loss is decreased by increasing the energy requirements. Fat is minimised, as diarrhoea and indigestion are common. There is no need to avoid flour or rice.

Flesh and animal foods are avoided, as the body is healing and finds it difficult to digest such foods.

Protein intake is increased for tissue repair. Vitamin and mineral supplements are provided, as hindrance in nutrient absorption is seen. Small and frequent meals are given. Avoid feeding in a forcible manner. Easily digestible and simple foods are recommended. Make the meals tempting, in terms of appearance, colour and texture, thereby tempting teh individual to eat. Low fibre foods are preferred, as they are easily digested. Absorption is also easy.

Adequate amount of water and other fluids are given. Salt intake is also considered, as diarrhoea results in electrolyte imbalance. Fresh fruits, such as pineapple, orange, grapes, apple pears, peaches and melons are recommended. Avoid refined cereals, sugars and canned foods. Milk is vital, as a source of calcium.

Submitted by E L on April 2, 2008 at 01:29


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