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Hi, I am suffering from chronic Sinusities.I lost the intest in life due to this 24 hours my nose is running I cant breath,Cant even walk always feel heavy body and got big dark cricles arround eye plz help me in this

(December 12, 2007)

Before getting into the details of chronic sinusitis, it is important to first understand the condition of sinusitis. Sinusitis is essentially a condition affecting the sinuses – which are hollow spaced in the human body that are located within the skull, just around the nose. Each of these four cavities provides an open area where free exchange of air and mucus takes place to aid in the respiratory flow of the body. a sinus infection takes place when the membrane lining these nasal passages is affected by some kind of allergic reaction, bacterial or fungal agent as well as simply some kind of immune reaction.

The inflammation of these membranes will cause a substantial amount of pain and suffering to the individual experiencing a sinus attack.

Some of the more common symptoms that develop during a sinus attack include a typical but severe morning headache, pain around the forehead and a feeling of a certain amount of heaviness in the head whenever you bend it, inflammation of parts of the face such as the eyelids and tissues as well as a fever, significant weakness and a running nose or nasal congestion. Chronic sinusitis fatigue is also a very common symptom and can have a drastic impact on an individual’s lifestyle.

Most cases of the condition, whether it is acute or chronic sinusitis, develop from being affected by the common cold. It is the spreading of bacteria around the mucous membranes that tends to cause most of the trouble. Two of the other common factors that influence the development of acute or chronic sinusitis include growths (known as nasal polyps)or a deviated septum. The only major difference between acute and chronic sinusitis is the fact that acute sinusitis is likely to occur for a certain phase, while the chronic variety will see the condition perpetually affect the individual – coming more prominent on a regular basis.  Apart from the fact that the condition is likely to substantially affect a persons comfort levels and breathing ease, some of the other complications that are likely to develop include vision problems – in the event that the infection spreads to the eyes, as well as the increased risk of suffering from meningitis – which causes inflammation in the membranes and fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

The best methods of how to treat chronic sinusitis arise from having a clear understanding of the condition as well as being able to accurately identify the causes of the condition specific to your case. Because of the fact that chronic sinusitis is a rather common occurrence, there are a number of natural chronic sinusitis treatment options that have all been tested and proved to be rather effective. Increasing your intake of mangoes, for instance, is known to have an extremely beneficial effect on the condition. The fact that the fruit contributes substantially to the formation of healthy epithelium means that it helps prevent any frequent attacks of infections such as sinusitis. Moreover, mangoes contain high levels of vitamin A – which serves to increase their effectiveness. Garlic is another very highly regarded natural remedy when it comes to the treatment of chronic sinusitis because of its anti fungal, anti bacterial as well as anti inflammatory properties. Increasing your intake of foods like garlic as well as onions will help develop the mucous membrane to be better at fending off infections.

The amount of rest and relaxation that you afford your body will play a substantial role in the extent to which the condition affects you. A steam inhalation for five minutes, every hour will help relieve a lot of the pain and discomfort while ensuring adequate rest for your body is a very important part of any chronic sinusitis treatment.  


Sinusities is actually not an illness due to any kind of particular problems. It can be cured overwhelmingly by the kind of doing exercise. The best way, meditation and yoga is called better to cure it. Meditation is very helpful source to cure it and also other components of this illness can be eliminated too. In the initial stage of meditation, you may not be able to fully concentrate because of your vehement pain. Dont leave. If you are a beginner, you dont get disappointment. You can practice meditation in a serene, holistic and peaceful place. Be ready to sit for a long hours without allowing your body to move. You try to bring your inner mind to your forefront and close your eyes letting your body in free cycle of breath. Let your mind be in deep meditation fully controling your sence in a forefront. After practicing this for 6 months, you can feel very happy and never be disappoint in the initial stage. Controling your mind through such meditation may cure this surely along with others too. Tension is one of the main reason for accumulation of this sinatis and when you are able to control your sence through meditation and yoga, you are also controling your tension.



Submitted by S C on December 12, 2007 at 01:51


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