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Question on weight loss

I am 32 age,female, I want reduce 10 kg. I am now 72kg.
(October 19, 2010)

We all know that weight loss is no easy piece of cake. You know all about counting calories, reading food labels, devising weight loss exercises, and reading up on weight loss for women. However, no matter how hard we try, a few of those extra pounds refuse to budge. Since women tend to put on weight quite easily, there are several points that you should know about weight loss for ladies. Here are a few ‘weight loss for female’ traps that you may have taken for granted before.

When you are sizing up food labels to determine weight loss, you may not be looking at the whole picture.

Healthy does not mean ‘no calories’. So it may confidently declare that an item is low carb, low fat, or zero trans fat. You need to also determine calories per serving. Remember that most of these food labels declare ‘suggested serving portion’. Given that this may differ from person to person, a higher portion size will only mean more calories. Weight loss for girls and older women will be different as compared to adult women as nutritional requirements differ according to age.

You plan your exercise routines like a drill sergeant. Have you considered that you may be missing the smaller details? Burning calories is a daylong process and every little activity contributes to calories burnt. Ditch the elevator at work or home and take the stairs, walk or jog to nearby stores for groceries instead of pulling out the car, and do not shirk away from yard work. Raking leaves, weeding your vegetable patch, or mowing the lawn are all physical activities that help you shed those pounds.

Challenge yourself by wearing a pedometer that counts steps taken and calories burnt through the day. Once you see how many calories are burnt in the course of a normal day, it may give you ideas for some more weight loss activities.

It’s funny how careful we can be about food intake when it comes to weight loss for females. However, we do not consider that drinking fluids may also unknowingly add calories to our strict diet. Concentrated fruit juices, sweetened teas, and flavored water all add calories to our diet. Ditch the claims of vitamin enhanced or colored water. Simply drinking plain water and fresh fruit juices can replenish your requirement for fluids and minerals.

Too much exercise and not much rest is not exactly a recipe for healthy weight loss. Studies reveal that irregular sleep or not enough rest may cause a spike in your appetite or cravings. Besides, after a prolonged session of exercise, it is important that the body gets a chance to rest and recuperate.

Do not be very strict with yourself when on a weight loss diet for females. Give in to your cravings occasionally, but monitor your portions. Successful diet and weight loss measures include reaching out for comfort foods while reinforcing the will to work it out at the next session.

Similarly, overdoing your exercise routine may cause more harm than benefits. Work with your trainer to perfect a routine, but keep varying it so that you are not bored. Work out different muscle groups and try different workout routines that keep you entertained such as belly dancing, Pilates, yoga, and so on.

If you are a newcomer to weight loss plans, join a support group. Experienced weight watchers may help you with tips to resist temptation, diet and exercise tips, and so on. An online community, a church group, or even an online buddy can help to encourage and support your efforts.

Constant worrying causes weight gain. There is some truth to that statement since studies reveal that stress and anxiety can trigger off hormones that may increase the levels of insulin, hike appetite, and decrease the will to exercise or indulge in physical activity. Therefore, if you do not take care of underlying stress, you may not achieve the weight loss you desire.

Weight loss journals are a good way of keeping track of your good intentions to lose weight. This way you can reward yourself if you notice a week of healthy eating, remind yourself to change an exercise routine or copy recipes that help your diet.

Submitted by A M on October 19, 2010 at 06:22


For reduction of weight , if you want , you should follow the following regulation:-

Diet:- Lunch---

In lunch, you can take soups of green vegetables, bread and very little amount of butter. When you feel hunger you can take spourated grams and barley.

In dinner- you can take yoghurt, puleses, bread and green vegetables and very little amount of rice.

You completely avoid the fast foods, fatty foods, non-veg. and spicy foods.


Morning and evening walk is important.

If you perform all the home work such as washing of clothes, cleaning of floor and stairs, it becomes a very good whole body exercise.

Or if you know any indian classical dance, you perform it in morning and evening for fifteen to twentey minutes and this become a very healthy exercise.

If you follow all the above regulation, very soon you (within 20 days) looses your weight.

Submitted by N K S on December 19, 2007 at 09:55


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