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Tuberculosis Diet

Sir, What diet has to be taken for TB Patient,in Nonveg, Fruits,Vegetables ,please advice
(April 16, 2012)

What fruits are good for tuberculosis patient?

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by an infection of a bacterium known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The ONLY way to cure tuberculosis is through a rigorous course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. The average duration of treatment is around six months to a year. A healthy balanced diet can help prevent malnutrition and a possible relapse or re-infection after your treatment for tuberculosis ends. A diet for tuberculosis should not include foods that are tough to digest as they can cause acidity and aggravate respiratory irritation.

To offset any nutritional deficiencies that are common when suffering from the disease, doctors recommend that you consume a balanced diet that should include among other things at least two cups of fruits and two and a half cups of vegetables a day.

Recommended fruits for tuberculosis patients include strawberries and custard apples. Strawberries are high in potassium, vitamins, and minerals that help boost the immune system and help fight the disease. Custard apples are often used as a home remedy for tuberculosis by boiling the pulp with water and consuming the reduction daily. In addition to this, other fruits such as blueberries and cherries and dark leafy vegetables along with whole-grain foods, milk, and lean meats and poultry are also recommended to combat weight loss and maximize your nutrient intake.

Keep in mind that dietary changes alone however, cannot help cure tuberculosis. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet though will help strengthen the immune system and facilitate and hasten the action of drugs that are administered.

Which juices are healthy for TB sufferers?

A healthy diet can help strengthen the immune systems of TB patients and aid them in their recovery. Healthy foods for TB patients include fruit juices that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can help the body in its fight against the tuberculosis bacillus. Other juices that are beneficial include carrot, tomato, gooseberry and pineapple juice.

Which vegetables are good and can be recommended to a tuberculosis patient?

A tuberculosis diet plays an important role in the treatment of the disease. This is because many TB patients also suffer from malnutrition, thereby affecting their body’s ability to fight the TB infection. Foods that can help the body fight the TB infection include milk, fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables, legumes and starchy vegetables including bitter gourd, drumsticks, spinach and broccoli can help the body in its fight against the tuberculosis bacillus. You should consult your nutritionist to help you formulate a diet plan that takes into account all your needs.

What should a post-TB diet consist of?

Malnutrition is common in people suffering from TB, making diet an important aspect of its treatment. Eating a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables can help strengthen the immune system and help the body fight the TB infection.

A healthy nutritious diet should include 2 cups of fruit, 2 to 3 cups of vegetables, 3 oz. of whole grain, 3 cups of low-fat milk (or an equivalent amount of low-fat dairy products like cottage cheese or yogurt) and proteins from lean meats like chicken, fish, soy, beans and legumes. Eat small portions at a time so as not to strain the digestive system. Limit your fat intake to less than 30% of your total caloric intake, cholesterol to 300 mg. and salt to 2300mg. Avoid alcoholic drinks as they may damage the liver when you are on TB medications. Instead drink nutrient rich juices like tomato, carrot, orange and pineapple juice.

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