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Ameobosis diet and cure

What is the treatment for ameobosis. What is the diet for this condition?
(November 10, 2010)

Ameobosis diet and cure

Amoebiasis or amebiasis is an infection of the intestinal system that is caused by the bacteria entamoeba histolytica. The common symptoms of amebiasis include gastrointestinal discomfort, gas, stomach pains, and diarrhea. The parasite is general transmitted through the fecal oral route. This means that any food item that is contaminated may contain the bacteria within it. It also means that improper hygiene can cause the condition to occur.

Many people suffer from an infestation of the ameba but do not show any visible symptoms. This is because the infestation is probably small and does not cause significant damage to the digestive process and so there is no disruption. However, these people can be tested for amebiasis by analyzing a sample of their stool for cysts produced by the bacteria. Certain countries have environmental conditions which are favorable to the development of these infectious parasites. Tropical weather also tends to aid the spread of the parasite. However, it is also found in non tropical regions and is common in areas with poor sanitation facilities.

Some other symptoms of amebiasis include blood in the stools and foul smelling fecal matter. Often there is weight loss associated with the condition, but this happens over a period of time as the body does not get sufficient nutrition because patients tend to reduce their food consumption as they are suffering from diarrhea. There are several dietary changes that will need to be implemented along with an amoebiasis cure to ensure a quick recovery.

Depending on the nature of the infection, amebiasis needs to be treated by using drugs known as amebicides. These are drugs designed to kill amoeba which is why an amoebiasis cure is extremely effective as it targets the root cause of the problem. Once a patient has been diagnosed with an amoebic infection, the doctor will analyze whether the infection has reached the liver or not. Depending on that, either one or two different types of drugs will be prescribed as part of the amebiasis treatment. A complete amoebiasis cure and recovery can be achieved in a few days of treatment and must be followed up with improved hygiene.

When it comes to an amoebiasis cure, there are several choices but it is best to prevent this condition as far as possible as amebiasis can leave an individual weakened. Amebiasis can be prevented by making sure that the food being consumed by an individual or a family is safe and clean. Foods that are stored, particularly in unhygienic conditions, need to be avoided completely as they can contain bacteria. Any food that is consumed must be thoroughly cleaned and well cooked. Raw foods, particularly leafy vegetables, can contain many contaminants. Personal hygiene is also very important. People who have suffered from amebiasis or who are considered high risk for developing amebiasis must be extra careful. Regular washing of the hands is essential. Personal cleanliness will help to reduce the chances of an individual developing an amebic infection.

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Ameobosis diet and cure 

Amebiasis is also called as amebic dysentery which is caused by a parasite called Endaameba histolytica. The common symptoms of amebiasis are diarrhea, fever and cramps which affect intestine, liver and other parts of the body. This generally affect children, pregnant women, malnourished individuals, people with suppressed immune system like AIDS, fever, cancer, medicated individuals. Human beings are easily affected by amebiasis where the parasite is spread through person to person contact or through water that has been contaminated with sewage or foods that has been contaminated with human feces.  

General cleanliness is essential like washing the hands after every toilet visit, covering the foods with lid, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in public places, taking care about the cleanliness in day care centers where foods are being served in the centers, regular cleaning of the sewage to avoid contamination, drink boiling water and have cooked foods or self peeled fruits in endemic areas, try to treat the carriers as soon as possible. Specific dietary recommendation for this disease is not available

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