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Information on lactose in the stomach

what is the percentage of lactose in the stomach
(April 1, 2008)

Lactose in the Stomach Advice 

Lactose is a disaccharide, composed of two sugars. They are in the bound form. They are broken down or split to enhance better absorption. Lactase is the enzyme that lines the intestine, which helps in breakdown of lactose. The percentage of lactose in the stomach is determined by the individual's intake.

Deficiency or absence of lactase in the intestine results in absence of splitting, thereby contributing to diarrhoea, stomach rumbling and flatulence.

High milk intake in children results in increased lactase activity. Lactose intolerance is the improper absorption of lactose or inability to absorb the same. Dairy products and milk are abstained from, in such cases. Nausea and colic of the abdomen are the primary symptoms. Avoidance of dairy products or elimination diet is the best way to identify and avoid lactose intolerance. This condition is commonly seen in individuals suffering from celiac disease and stomach or bowel surgery. Lactose intolerance is diagnosed by the breath test and measurement of blood sugar levels. Foods that contain lactose are milk powder, bread, chocolates, milk, baked foods, butter, yoghurt, margarine, fermented products and cheese.

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