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Cataract symptoms

What is the best way to relieve Cataract symptoms?
(April 10, 2008)

Cataract symptoms

Cataract is a leading cause of visual disability and blindness all over the world. Cataract appears at a younger age and it matures rapidly. It is common among subjects over 55 years of age. The lens present in the eye can transmit and refract light reaching the retina. Lens transparency is a mist which is possible when the arrangement of lens structural protein is in order leading to passing of light in a straight line.

Disruption in this order leads to loss of transparency generating the opacity which can be small or involving the entire lens leading to loss visual ability causing cataract.

Cataract occurs when the lens is subjected to continuous free radical attack from the body or from external chemicals that the eyes are subjected to and other environmental factors.

Supplementation of vitamin  B complex that are present in brown rice, leafy vegetables, yeast could be useful in the early stages of cataractogenesis.The free radical damage is also protected by certain micronutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Carotenoids.

Eat plenty of fruits like grapes, oranges, yellow orange fruits and vegetable like carrots, potatoes, spinach and leafy vegetables. Nuts and whole grain cereals can be beneficial.

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